ABCs of Thankfulness

abcs of thankfulness

My favorite holiday blogging tradition is here! Happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday, if today is not a holiday where you are!). Originally started by Trish way way back in the day.

Andes Mints. When I was little, my amazing, wonderful, missed grandmother kept a box of Andes Mints in her dining room. I remember spending most of Thanksgiving sneaking Andes mints before dinner started and trying to stay out of the way. I thought it was a memory all my own, something that no one else really remembered. Then, when my family and I got together for an early Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, my aunt pulled a HUGE box of Andes Mints out of her purse. I realized then that the memory wasn’t only mine, it was shared with everyone, and that made it all the more special.

Blog. Okay, so I haven’t been the most consistent at this blogging thing this year, but I’m thankful that Regular Rumination is always here for me when I need a place to write down my thoughts.

Crochet. There are a lot of reasons I’m thankful for crochet, but my number one reason is because it is the only thing that will really calm me down when I am in an airplane. I’m a nervous flyer, but the repetition and focus required for crocheting keeps my heart rate down.

Dear Michael, You are someone I am forever grateful for. 

Evenings. The day is winding down, I don’t have to worry about work, dinner has been cooked, there’s just a book to read or a tv show to watch or some sleep to be had.

Feasts. How many times a year do you get to have a feast?

Ghost stories. I’m realizing that these might be some of my favorite kinds of stories. Why did I ever stop reading them?

Health. I am, for the most part, pretty healthy and I am always grateful for that.

Ice cream. So, Michael and I got our own ice cream maker about a year ago and it’s amazing! I love making ice cream at home. I’m thankful for the ice cream, but also for trying out new recipes.

Jam! This year, in addition to making our own ice cream, Michael and I have experimented making our own bread and our own peanut butter. Next on the list? I think it should be jam. So I’m thankful that I still have some homemade goodies to try out and learn how to make, but also because PB&J is just so so good.

Kickstarter. I’m thankful for Kickstarter, among many other things online, to remind me that there are amazing, creative people out there doing new things every day. I’m also really excited for the Veronica Mars movie and for this hot sauce. 

Love. I try to choose different things every year, but I can’t help but give love a special shout out every year. I’m so thankful for all the people in my life whom I love and who love me in return.

Mail order catalogs. I haven’t talked about this much here, but my job in publishing is as a sales rep to mail order catalogs. So, for keeping me gainfully employed, I’m very thankful to mail order catalogs!

November. You are just such a great month.

Oatmeal. Breakfast of champions! I can’t wait to make my first big batch of oatmeal for the season.

Pho. My favorite cold-weather food, not feeling great food, who-am-I-kidding-every-day food.

Quilts. Nothing better than curling up on the couch with a big, warm quilt someone made with love.

Raven Boys, The. This was such a fun book for me this year, but it really represents any book I can get lost in. I’m so thankful for those books that make my commute melt away into nothing.

Siblings. You guys don’t even know how much you mean to me. I love you and I’m so thankful for you!

Too Cute! Guys, have you seen this show? It’s amazing. I can’t have a puppy in my real life, so I’m thankful for Too Cute! to give me my puppy fix.

Unexpected, The. I’m thankful for the times when life throws me something unexpected, whether it’s a new friend when I wasn’t expecting it, a book I didn’t think I was going to love but do, or when something totally surpasses all my expectations.

Variety. I’m thankful for the fact that I relish in variety: I’ll read any genre, try any food, watch any TV show once, etc. etc.

Winter. I’ve always thought I loved every season except winter, but every year I like winter a little bit more. It’s just so nice sometimes to sit in a warm room while the snow is falling outside and you have a hot drink in your hand. Bonus points if there is a fireplace involved.

Nan Xiang Dumpling House. One of the best places to eat in NYC. I’m thankful for you!

YOU. If you’re reading this blog, I’m thankful for you!

Zillions of books. No matter how much I read, I’m always thankful that there’s another book on the shelf waiting for me!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May it be full of family, food, warmth, happiness, and, of course, a good book.

What I was thankful for in 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009.

ABCs of Thankfulness

Every year, I post the ABCs of Thankfulness. It’s turned into my Thanksgiving tradition. Sometime while the turkey is cooking and we’re sitting around watching football (if I’m at my dad’s) or the parade (if I’m at my mom’s), I pull out the computer and take a minute for this. Thanks, of course, always goes to Trish, for giving the inspiration that started a tradition!

Autumn. You are the best season.

Boyfriend, because Michael is my best friend and I’m thankful for him every day.

Crafts! I love feeling creative and making something out of nothing.

Drama, because you make stories so good!

Email, because it keeps me connected with people around the world.

Fantasy. Many of my favorite stories are fantasy stories. I’m thankful for that!

Green, you are a lovely color.

Happiness. Thankful for the happiness in my life.

Indulgence. Thank you for the piece of chocolate in the afternoon, the break in the middle of the week from the gym, that extra bit of butter I put in the mashed potatoes.

Jammies, because, you know, real pants are overrated.

Kindness. So thankful for small acts of kindness.

Love, because that’s the best thing to be thankful for.

Metafiction, when you’re done right, you’re so cool.

North Carolina, because it’s a beautiful place.

Opportunity. I’m thankful for every opportunity I’ve had, in all parts of my life.

Plots, because I’ve used every other iteration of books, words, stories, poems in the ABCs of Thankfulness.

Quest stories.

Relations. Family and friends? I would be lost without you.

Scarves! Because you keep me warm and you’re oh so comfy.

TV Shows, because I love stories and some excellent stories are being told on TV right now.

Ups and downs, life is full of them, but I’m thankful for everything this life has to offer.

Village, The. The best neighborhood in the city.

Work friends, for getting me through the day.

Xfit. Okay, I don’t actually love crossfit. I hate it. It makes me hurt, but I’m thankful for what my body can do.

Yarn, I’m thankful for the joy you bring to my life!

Zzzzzzs. I do love a good nap or a perfect night’s rest.

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ABCs of Thankfulness

Starting in 2009, I began following the tradition of the ABCs of Thankfulness. I’m thankful for lots of things, so why not address them all here on the blog every year? It looks like I originally found this on Trish’s blog (thank you Trish for helping me start a Thanksgiving tradition!). So if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today in the USA, you celebrated it a few weeks ago in Canada, or you’re just enjoying your Thursday, join in me the ABCs of saying thank you to all the things that make life as amazing as it is.

Apple, the Big. Thanks for being such an interesting place, for being an awesome place with amazing food and amazing things to do.

Bloggers. As much as I love blogging, it wouldn’t mean nearly as much without all the other bloggers out there. Thank you!

Cranberry sauce. I used to avoid this stuff like the plague. Then I tasted the salty-sweet goodness on my turkey and I realized what I had been missing. Thanks for being delicious, cranberry sauce. Even when you come from a can. (Yup, even when you come from a can!)

Dresses. Thank you dresses, for not being pants.

Early mornings. Even though I like my sleep, I’m grateful for the quiet peace of early mornings and the productiveness of getting up early.

Food. Thank you good food, for nourishing my body. Thank you for a little indulgence on the holidays.

Gym. Pilates, boxing, spin class. I’m thankful for the motivation to go and the great way I feel when I’m done. Like they say, no one’s ever regretted exercising, but you sure regret not exercising.

Hermione. Because before Hermione, I’d never seen anyone in a book quite like me before. Bushy hair, weird teeth, and a little bossy. Yup, sounds about right. Thank you, Hermione.

Icing. The icing, when done right, is the very best part! Thank you icing for being delicious.

Journals. I haven’t regularly kept a journal in a while, but thank you journals for being a way to jump back into past-Leslie. Thanks for being a place to write my thoughts.

Knitting and crochet. Thanks for keeping my hands busy while I watch Vampire Diaries.

Love. I’m so thankful for all the love in my life.

Music. Thanks for making long hours doing work pass a little bit quicker. Thanks for being a beautiful, meaningful distraction!

Niceness. I’m thankful for everyone I encounter who is nice. Thanks for being nice, nice people!


Click for gif action! Need I say more? I’m thankful for owl gifs.

Pals. I’m so thankful for my friends!

Questions. I am thankful that my Q&A Journal asks me questions every day and that I’m comfortable with all sorts of questions and questioning.

Relatives. Thanks, relatives, for being so lovable.

Stories. I’m so grateful for all the stories I’ve been fortunate enough to read or hear.

Tomorrow. I’m thankful for all the promise and opportunity tomorrow always brings.

Ululation. I’m thankful of words like ululation, because they sound so cool.

Verse. It’s no secret that I love poetry! I’m so thankful for everything poetry and verse have bought me.

Words. Thank you words, for making up poetry and novels and newspaper articles and stories and all the good things that come from the written word.

Xylomancy. Another cool word, but one that’s symbolic in my life. I’m thankful words can have that power.

Yarn stores! I’m so thankful for my amazing yarn store. It’s a joy to go in every time, even though I always end up spending way too much money!

Z, love of my life. I’m so thankful for you.

ABCs of Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving, USA.  Like last year, I’m going to come up with the ABCs of things I am thankful for.

Anne of Green Gables. Such a comfort read. Thank you for being there, Anne.

Books. Does this need explanation?

Cooking. There are few things in this world that I find as satisfying as cooking a delicious meal.

Dreams. I have some crazy ones and they certainly make sleeping entertaining.

Eating. I love to eat as much as I love to cook. Thankfully Thanksgiving is a holiday that let’s me do just that.

Friends. I have some fabulous friends. We are not always all together, but when we do finally get together, it’s like not a day has passed.

Ginger. Such a delicious ingredient!  We should use it more often.

Happiness. Sometimes we forget to sit back and think about how happy we are. We often think about our sadnesses, but how often do we say, “I am just so happy right now?”  I’m always thankful when I am so happy, it has to be mentioned.

Internet. Where would we be without the internet? Even though I lived (briefly) in a world without the modern conveniences of cell phones and internet and computers, I can’t really imagine going back.

Japanese food. Sushi! You are delicious.

Kaitlin, Kelsey and Claire. The sisters.

Literature. Like books, does this need any explanation?

Maps. I really love maps, both as art and as a functional object.

Nuance. Subtleties make life interesting.

Owls. I love owls!

Poetry. I love to write poetry and I love to read poetry.  So thank you, poetry, for existing.

Quips. Who doesn’t love quips?

Relatives.  Of all kinds, I am thankful for you.

Study abroad. My travels to Spain this year were certainly something to be thankful for.

Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present!

Underwear. I would certainly miss underwear if it weren’t in my life.

Vegetables. Exploring incorporating more vegetarian meals into my diet (not all the way vegetarian), and it is making me appreciate vegetables even more.

Writing. From blogging, to novel-writing, to poetry, I’m so thankful for writing.

Xmas. Just around the corner! I love Christmas.

Yesterday. Love the memories we made, so why not be thankful for everything wonderful that was yesterday?

Z, love of my life. Of course I’m thankful for you!

Enjoy the time with your family, enjoy the food.  Remember what you’re thankful for in your life today 🙂

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TSS: 29 November 2009

Good morning, Sunday Saloners!  I hope you had a fabulous holiday, if you are the Thanksgiving celebrating type, or just a fabulous week.  I spent my week spending time with my family and friends, reading Brave Story by Miyuki Miyabe and doing some Christmas shopping.  I bought books for the holidays, especially books that I want to read!  For my little sister K the older, who is 14, I got Going Bovine by Libba Bray, Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and Liar by Justine Larbalestier.  K the younger is 11 and she will be receiving How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier, When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle .  My dad will be getting Under the Dome by Stephen King.   Don’t tell them!  I’m still not sure what I’m getting my youngest sister, C (10), but I’ll think of something.  For my mom and step-dad I got specialty salsa and a signed Paula Deen cookbook.

This week I reviewed Hate List by Jennifer Brown, The Compound by SA Bodeen and Genesis by Bernard Beckett, & Man in the Dark by Paul Auster.  I featured poet Mona Van Duyn and her poem “Earth Tremors Felt in Missouri” on this week’s installment of Poetry Wednesday.  Up next for review is The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud.

I still haven’t read the second part of Kristin Lavransdatter, because I left it at home.  I’ll start reading it as soon as I get back and hopefully won’t  be  too late again.  Still reading Brave Story, it’s good, but I just haven’t had an uninterrupted reading time to really get into the story.  Which is difficult when the book is over 800  pages.  It would be really nice if I could finish it and start another book this weekend!  We’ll see.

I might be on the quiet side in the coming two weeks because it is exam time.  I’ll be busy writing papers and doing research, but I will miss you dearly, I promise.

What are you reading today?



It’s Thanksgiving today, and I know there are so many things that I’m thankful for.  So I’m going to do the ABCs of thankfulness, stolen from Trish.

Aunts.  Some of my best friends.


Car.  Really, I’m so grateful for my car.

Dads.  They’re pretty cool, even when they make you crazy.

Eating without guilt.  Three days out of the year!  Birthday, Christmas and, OF COURSE, TODAY.  I’ve already had a doughnut and I feel zero guilt.

Family.   I love my family and I wish we were all together today, but even if we can’t be, we’re together in spirit.

Grandpop.  Love ya!

Holding babies.  There are few things in this world that make me happier.  So, hey family members!, have some babies so I can hold them!

Ice.  I really like ice and I like to chew ice.  Which I know is a horrible habit, but I like it.  So I’m thankful for it.

Jabberwocky, the poem.  Because I like it.

Knitting & crocheting (stolen from Trish!)

Love, ’cause I’m cheesy like that.


New things.

Oskar, my cat.  She’s crazy, as in clinically insane and probably needs kitty-prozac, but she’s also pretty cuddly when she remembers that she loves me and doesn’t need to attack me.  Which is about 60% of the time.




Sisters.  I’ve got three of them and I love them all, even when they make me angry.

Toffee nut lattes

Umbrellas.  Very thankful for umbrellas.

Virginia.  It’s a pretty awesome state.

Wrinkle in Time, A.  Favorite books!

X-rays.  I’m very thankful for x-rays.  You never know when you’re going to need one.

Yellow coats.  I really like my new yellow coat!

Z!  My boyfriend.  He’s pretty awesome.

Eat lots of food today, even if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving today.  Because didn’t you know?  Calories don’t count today.