Review – We Have Always Lived in the Castle

WeHaveAlwaysLived“I wish you were all dead, I thought, and longed to say it out loud.  Constance said, “Never let them see that you care,” and “If you pay any attention they’ll only get worse,” and probably it was true, but I wished they were dead.  I would have liked to come into the grocery some morning and see them all, even the Elberts and the children, lying there crying with the pain and dying.  I would then help myself to groceries, I thought, stepping over their bodies, taking whatever I fancied from the shelves, and go home, with perhaps a kick from Mrs. Donell while she lay there.  I was never sorry when I had thoughts like that; I only wished they would come true.  “It’s wrong to hate them,” Constance said, “it only weakens you,” but I hated them anyway, and wondered why it had been worth while creating them in the first place. (15)

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