It’s Sunday! How about some music?

So, I did all my bookish musings yesterday instead of today. I don’t really have anything book-related to add for a Sunday Salon post, so how about we talk about tunes? I haven’t really added a lot of new music to my playlists in the past few years. I’ve been stuck listening to the same albums over and over again since I was a sophomore in college. But I’ve started to get bored.

So I fired up Pandora again. I used to listen to it quite regularly, discovering a lot of really great artists along the way. Michael and I even went to see the creator of Pandora speak. It was a really fun experience. It was a really intimate setting and everyone got to ask him questions. At the time, Pandora was dealing with the record companies and they hadn’t really figured out how to keep paying for the licenses. Judging by the god awful political ads running right now on my Pandora, I think they’ve figured out how.

Anyway, rambling aside, here are some songs that I’ve found either through Pandora or YouTube. I hope you enjoy!


Well, tUnE-yArDs actually came to me by way of one of my very good friends. She kept telling me I would love them and I finally sat down and listened. And, holy crap, do I love them. Really it’s just one woman, Merrill Garbus. She loops her percussion and vocals to make it sound like an entire band. She does have a guitarist, bassist and saxophonist who play on some songs, but for the most part, tUnE-yArDs is really all about Merrill and her fabulous voice and talent. You really have to watch her live videos to see the way she plays her music. It’s amazing.

Now I also recommend you watch at least a little bit of this NPR Tiny Desk Concert with tUnE-yArDs just to see Merrill in action:

Alabama Shakes

We accidentally came across Alabama Shakes after watching the new Temper Trap video on YouTube. While the song isn’t necessarily my favorite, the video is hilarious. So, I recommend watching it. Anyway, speaking of vocalists with super distinctive voices, the lead singer of Alabama Shakes is named Brittany Howard and she’s got this amazing, powerful voice.

They did a four-song set over at KEXP, so if you’re interested in watching the whole set and seeing an interview with the band, check it out here.

City and Colour

City and Colour have been showing up on my two favorite Pandora stations, my Frightened Rabbit station and my Mumford and Sons station. This is my favorite song of theirs, Sleeping Sickness.

The Kooks

The Kooks have been around for a while, but I’ve never really had a song of theirs that I loved. I’ve never put one of their songs on repeat before, until now. There’s just something about “Naive.” I think it’s the chorus.

I hope you find something here that you’ll add to your playlists to spice things up. Have a lovely week!

Obsession alert!

I feel like any time I listen to a song about 30 times in a row, I should share it with someone.  Iron & Wine, AKA Samuel Beam, is a wonderful musician and an even more wonderful poet.  I can never get over his words.  This song is so moving, so simple, and just plain beautiful.  So listen and love:

Thursday Tunes

thursdaytunesThursday Tunes is the weekly showcase of some my favorite songs, thanks to a meme hosted by S. Krishna.
I hope you’ll find something new to listen to here!

Lately I’ve been way into any band that has a woman as the lead singer.  Like Spinerette!

Thursday Tunes (2)


Thursday Tunes is a weekly meme hosted by S. Krishna’s Books.  This week I’m going to feature a song rather than a particular artist.  I think this is the perfect song – lyrically and musically.  It is Hallelujah, originally written and sung by Leonard Cohen.  It has been covered by everyone and their mom (over 200 artists, according to Wikipedia), and I think each version adds something to the song.

The original:

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