2014 Reading Stats and Looking Ahead to 2015

This might be my favorite time of year when it comes to blogging – everyone is blogging about the reading year they had and the one they plan on having in 2015. Every new year is filled with the promise of new wonderful, favorite reads and newly discovered authors and amazing debuts. I love that excitement.

The reading stats aren’t a way to brag, but a way to be conscious of what I’m reading. Sure, there are times when reading what you want, when you want is a totally valid and necessary way of reading. But, for the most part, I think it’s important to take a look at your reading and see what your missing. Not reading enough books by women? Not enough books by authors of color? Maybe all your books were published after 2005 and you want to read more classics. Whatever it might be!

Last year I made three goals: read more books that I own, read more diversely (with a focus on translations), and post about each book I read. I actually failed at all three of these goals! This was a busy year, full of a lot of transitions (I moved, changed jobs) that I was anticipating the whole year. I turned to a lot of comfort reads and I’m definitely ok with that. Let’s take a closer look at what I did read in 2014.

2014 Stats

Total Books Read: 102
Total Pages Read: 33,646

I read 2 books less this year, but 387 more pages. I read 16 chunksters (450 pages or more) for 8,455 pages, accounting for 25% of my overall reading this year.

Now, for some charts: 

Author Gender



I’m pretty happy with this split. I always tend to gravitate towards stories written by women, so I’ve never focused on author gender much in years past.




My most-read genre was fantasy. I read a lot of Vampire Academy and Bloodlines books this year, which is probably why there’s a slight spike in that ratio. Last year, General Fiction far surpassed Fantasy. My poetry reading has really dropped off in the past two years, which is something I’d like to address in 2015. It’s just unacceptable! I’ve long been a champion of reading poetry, but my own poetry reading is dismal. Otherwise, I’m pretty satisfied with this.

I listened to 10 audiobooks and I read 27 comics/graphic novels. Which is almost exactly the same as 2014. I expect my audiobook number will only continue to grow in 2015, since my new job requires a lot of driving. Much of my reading in the last quarter (after I switched jobs) came from audiobooks and I don’t see that changing. My goal for next year is to read a comic book a week, so hopefully my comics number will nearly double!

Library Books vs My Books


I can’t believe it was possible to do worse at this goal! I really wanted to read more of my own books and send them out the door. Reducing what I own, all of that. I WILL DO BETTER AT THIS. (Maybe.)

20141230020054I didn’t separate out Middle Grade from Young Adult, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t read very much Middle Grade at all. This ratio is about perfect for me, but I wouldn’t mind adding a little bit more Middle Grade fiction to my reading list next year.


When I moved, I ended up losing my original reading spreadsheet, where I was keeping much more detailed stats on the diversity of my reading. Was the author POC and did the novel prominently feature people of color as characters? When I went back to recreate my spreadsheet, I incorporated both of these categories into one. I feel like this isn’t really an accurate representation of the diversity in my reading, so next year I’m going to keep better track of this.

Goals for 2015

  • Read one book by an author of color for every book I read by a white person.
  • Continue to make an effort to read the books I already own.
  • Blog about every book I read in some capacity.
  • Bring back Comic of the Week and Poetry Wednesday by reading one comic and one book of poetry each week.

And that’s it! Those seem like pretty manageable goals. What are your reading goals for 2015?

13 thoughts on “2014 Reading Stats and Looking Ahead to 2015

  1. I read 102 books this year too! I finally managed to read more of my own books than review copies, which was so exciting. I think it was a combination of accepting fewer review copies and buying more books myself. I’m hoping I can keep that up in 2015. I love that you’re doing a comic a week — that will be a lot of fun.

  2. Great post. Hope my end of year round up looks as pretty as your’s. I’m having problems with my diversity section as well. In a way I’m starting to think that anything beyond my own personal experience – middle class white girl – is diverse. I read some Scottish lit this year that couldn’t be further from what I know, but by a white writer. Similarly, I’ve lived in India and read so much South Asian lit, that I don’t really think I’m expanding my horizons that much by reading it. Either way, it is important that we are thinking about it.

  3. Even if you didn’t make your goals, you have some amazing pie charts to show for it! Inspired by all of these end of year posts I made some goals of my own. First of all I have to keep at least SOME data on all the books I read. I’ve been terrible about that. Happy New Year to you!

  4. I WILL DO BETTER AT THIS. (Maybe.) = CONVICTION. (Uncertainty)
    sorry! This made me laugh. I am the same way. I now know that I will have to write a part 2 and include some pie charts and discuss that I did have a better diverse year – even if I missed the Diversiverse challenge.
    Happy New Year!

  5. If you bring back Poetry Wednesday, count me in! I didn’t read ANY poetry last year. I’m hoping to read at least 40 books off my shelves and more diversely. Happy New Year!

  6. I didn’t read enough books from my own shelves this year, either. But I DID clear off my shelves a bit and got rid of some that I decided I was unlikely to ever want to read. So… that counts, right? 🙂

    And yay for 50% diversity in 2015!

  7. Hurray for charts! I do so love a good pie chart, especially when it’s focused on bookish stats.

    I’m finally going to get rid of la TBR in 2015. That’s my big goal. I also want to keep reading diversely, and to get back into crime fiction after several years away from it.

  8. Wow, 102 books is very impressive! I only hit 44, but that was a lot for me.

    I definitely want to start reading my own books, too. It’s so easy for me to fall into getting books at the library/galley then reading to those deadlines. Books I own seem much less immediate, because I have forever to read them! But I really don’t need to own all of these books/keep buying more.

    Happy new year! Love the charts.

  9. I’ll also try to read more comics this year (have so many on the TBR!) so I’ve signed up for the Graphic Novel Challenge and added a few more to the wish list after reading everyone’s best-of lists.

  10. Will we be doing Comics February again?? Guess I need to check in with Debi. I LOVED it last year and would LOVE to do it again this year (have already been making my list…).

    Love the pie charts. Think I might have to borrow that for next year. Good luck with the goals.

  11. I’m soooooo terrible at reading my own books. And it sucks because I KEEP BUYING MORE!

    Our goals are pretty much in alignment. It should be easier for me to write now since I don’t have to deal with school anymore, but I know I still have major slacker tendencies. Also: I commend you for that genre breakdown. I was going to add that to my stats, but I didn’t want to bother trying to figure some books that overlapped into different categories. (See? Slacker!)

  12. Your stats were so interesting to look at! You did a great job making sure to borrow from the library instead of just buying books (I’m totally guilty of that). I’ve been trying to use the library more though.

    Also great job reading both YA and Adult books. I’m trying to do more of that this year.

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