Nonfiction November Week 4 – Additions to my TBR

cork w booksI apologize for being a little behind on my Nonfiction November post this week! I’ve been prepping for my Thanksgiving trip and finishing up at work, plus obsessing over a few exciting things that are coming up in the next few weeks. November is always such a busy month, especially this last week!

If you’re in the US, I hope you have safe travels this week for Thanksgiving and that you enjoy your holidays. If you’re not in the US, enjoy this last week in November before the holiday rush!

Nonfiction November was such an amazing experience this time around. Everyone has been so enthusiastic, it’s hard not to let your TBR grow and grow and grow. This week, we’re asking participants to list the books that they’ve added to their TBR, along with a link to the blogger who recommended it. This week’s host is Katie at Doing Dewey, so make sure you head over to her blog with your link.

Good Soldiers and Thank You For Your Service by David Finkel – Recommended by Elisabeth at The Dirigible Plum – From Elisabeth’s blog: “I continue to recommend David Finkel’s Thank You For Your Service, one of my favorite books in 2013. Finkel follows the soldiers he profiled in Good Soldiers (also an excellent nonfiction read) after they return home to the U.S. The aftermath of war is no lovelier than war itself, and this is not an easy book to read. But Finkel makes you care passionately for these soldiers and their families. I finished this book and felt changed by the experience of reading it.”

The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan  – Recommended by Jennifer at The Relentless Reader – From Jennifer’s blog: “I thought I knew quite a bit about the Dust Bowl. I was wrong. The author combined history with personal narratives to craft an exceptional book that was heartbreaking and incredibly informative.”

The Glass Cage by Nicholas Carr – Recommended by Travis at Head Subhead – From Travis’s blog: “The book I’ve recommended most to folks is Nicholas Carr’s The Glass Cage. It was fascinating. My guess is if you are reading this post then you need to read The Glass Cage. It’s not too long and not hard to understand. But you will look at your computer, phone, car, TV and airplanes in a whole new light after reading this book. So much of our lives and work is automated these days. This shift happened so fast. What are the implications? Does anyone know? Just think about this – the same impulse/feeling you get when you misspell a word, because you know auto-correct will get it, is due to the same mental lull that has been attributed to airline crashes. You need to read this book.”

Black Berry, Sweet Juice by Lawrence Hill – Recommended by Ana at Things Mean A Lot – From Ana’s blog: “I recently finished Lawrence Hill’s Blood: A Biography of the Stuff of Life, which I really enjoyed and hope to review at some point. I especially liked the book’s exploration of racial identity and of the biological myths that still surround our understanding of race, so it only makes sense to go on to read the book Lawrence devoted entirely to the topic.”

Running Like A Girl by Alexandra Heminsley – Recommended by Sophie at Paper Breathers –  From Sophie’s blog: “I love Heminsley’s narrative because I think it speaks to many of us who laze around and can’t really muster up the willpower to go running. And even if we do, it’s only that one day a yearmonth when we feel like we’re on top of the world, and then reality hits and we realize that running is painful and difficult and SO FREAKIN’ TIRING. Heminsley had the same problems and complaints, but she also found good things along the way that balanced out the bad – for example, making friends with strangers on the run, or running by the sea, or running with a friend who really needs it emotionally. We’re privy to the painful, joyous, tragic, and triumphant moments of her life as she slowly falls in and out of love with running.”

7 thoughts on “Nonfiction November Week 4 – Additions to my TBR

  1. So many great recommendations. This year I’m definitely going to read more nonfiction! Thank you for hosting the event, can’t wait for next year.

  2. I so enjoyed this challenge that I’ll be reading at least one more non-fiction book by the end of the week. It was nice to “have a reason” to read some of the non-fiction in my TBR stack.

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