Nonfiction November Week 2 Roundup!

cork w booksWell, Be/Become/Ask the Expert week has come to a close and I’m of course in awe of how widely read and curious all of you are. We had such a wide range of topics this week! Everything from nonfiction on becoming a parent to fairy tales to several takes on food! This was my favorite week last year and this year did not disappoint. Thank you so much for participating, tweeting, sharing, commenting, and chatting about nonfiction this month.

I’ve tried to link to everyone who shared links with us, but I apologize in advance if I missed anyone! If you don’t see your link here or you didn’t get a chance to add it to the linky before today, leave it in the comments or add it to the linky on my previous post.

Before we get into the links:

  • Just a reminder that next week’s topic is all about diversity and nonfiction and will be hosted by the lovely Becca at I’m Lost in Books. Be sure to head over to her blog on Monday to check it out.
  • We’ll also be posting about our readalong this week on 11/19. If you’ve been reading along with either Cleopatra or The Restless Sleep, be sure to check to post next Wednesday.
  • If you’re on Twitter, join us in discussing nonfiction all month using the hashtag #nonficnov!

Expert Lists: Be sure to check out these amazing expert lists to keep your TBR pile growing exponentially!

Lori is the expert in “unconventional biographies” at The Emerald City Book Review.

bookmammal is an expert in oral histories and an expert in books about the Kennedys at Musings from a Bookmammal.

Christina is an expert on food politics and shares eight great books you should read at Ardent Reader.

Julie put together a list of books all about the Tudors at JulzReads.

Sarah also posted about the Kennedys at Sarah’s Bookshelves.

Jay recommended three books by historian Daniel Boorstin and also asked us to recommend great author autobiographies or biographies at Bibliophilopolis.

Heather posted a list of science and medicine books at Based on A True Story.

Trisha of eclectic/eccentric posted a list of books about freak shows and a list about fairy tales.

Trish has an amazing list of nonfiction recommendations for nonfiction beginners at Love, Laughter, & a Touch of Insanity.

Caro, as a PhD student herself, posted a list of books about science at A Girl that Likes Books.

Katherine posted a truly fascinating list of books about exposing fraudulent mediums at A Writerly Reader. I’ve researched the Spiritualist movement for a novel, too, and all of these books are going on my list!

Andi at Estella’s Revenge shared a list of books about the Victorian era.

Sherry at Semicolon asked us to recommend books about the US Presidents and books about Africa for two of her ongoing reading projects. Any suggestions?

Sophie shared a list of books about animals at Paper Breathers.

TJ posted a list of books that make you glad to be where you are at My Book Strings.

Travis at Head Subhead listed three books about book covers. Such a cool list!

Melissa posted a list of books about abortion at Feminist Texican Reads.

Jancee shared books about geeky nonfiction reads, including books about gaming and fandom at Jancee Reads.

Monika at A Lovely Bookshelf posted all about language learning. There were definitely a few I wanted to add to my TBR!

Shannon posted an amazing list of books about making the choice to become a parent or not at River City Reading.

Holly and Amanda shared books about 20th Century American History at A Gun in Act One.

Leila shared a list of memoirs by Iranian women at Reader’s Oasis.

April put is an expert on books about buddhism and wants to become an expert on historical events and people at Bookishly Speaking.

Bex shared her favorite books about food and self-sufficiency at An Armchair by the Sea.

Olduvai also posted a list about food at Oludvai Reads. This is a popular topic, but each blog has had such different picks!

Ann was inspired by Veterans Day and posted a list of books about WWI at her blog Books on the Table.

Jess posted a list of books about the Salem Witch Trials at A Book Hoarder. So fascinating!

Guiltless Reading has a list all about food and puts the call out for recommendations from readers.

Kelly asked for recommendations on American Politics, a topic I’m really interested in, too! Check out all the recommendations and recommend your own favorites at A Well-Read Redhead.

Jennifer shared a list of books about lost places at The Leaning Stack of Books and it’s absolutely fascinating. I definitely want to read all of these books!

Kristin posted a list of books about 20th and 21st century war at my little heart melodies.

Florinda shared a list of nonfiction about television, which I’m definitely going to be reading closely! Check it out at The Three Rs Blog.

Ellie is the expert on modern technology and wants to become the expert on whales and dolphins (me too!) at Book Addicted Blonde.

Carrie shared a list of WWII books she has read and is planning on reading at Other Women’s Stories.

CJ posted a list of books about Shakespeare at ebookclassics.

Brona shared her Year in Nonfiction survey and her list of books about the Holocaust at Brona’s Books.

Elisabeth posted books about creativity at The Dirigible Plum.

Amelia shared a list of books about Jane Austen and her fans at Little Thoughts About Books.

Sarah at The Everyday Reader requested recommendations for nonfiction about WWI. There are a few lists you will definitely want to check out, Sarah!

Caroline posted a list of books about the Berlin Wall and life in the GDR at More Thoughts, Vicar?

Co-host Becca shared a difficult, but important topic: human trafficking. Read more at her blog I’m Lost in Books.

Co-host Kim posted a list of football books at Sophisticated Dorkiness. Even though I have no interest in football, some of these books sound great!


The Lost Book of Mormon by Avi Steinberg (Reader’s Oasis)
Lost in Tibet by Richard Starks and Miriam Marcutt (JulzReads)
The Republic of Imagination by Azar Nafisi and Our Declaration by Danielle Allen (River City Reading)
Does Santa Exist? by Eric Kaplan (Jancee Reads)
Magic & Mystery (The Writerly Reader)
Running Like A Girl by Alexandra Heminsley (Paper Breathers)
The Story of Ain’t by David Skinner (Melissa F)
The Underground Girls of Kabul by Jenny Nordberg (Readers’ Oasis)
Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor E Frankl (James Reads Books)
As You Wish by Cary Elwes (Based On A True Story…)
Lives in Ruins by Marilyn Johnson (Reading the End)
Sarah shared her all-time favorite nonfiction reads (Sarah’s Bookshelves)
Without You, There Is No Us by Suki Kim (Sarah’s Bookshelves)
French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon (Olduvai Reads)

Thanks again for making this week so great! I hope you get a chance to visit a few (or all!) of the blog post and leave a quick comment. I know that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend!


9 thoughts on “Nonfiction November Week 2 Roundup!

  1. Thanks so much for hosting this week–it’s been so much fun visiting all of our experts and adding so many titles to my TBR list! Many of the posts this week caused me to become curious about topics that I never would have explored otherwise.

  2. OMG, so many topics! right now my browser may explode, because I clicked on so many of these links to read them. I’m on my way now, thanks for posting these fab recaps. I should definitely officially join next year

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