Food Tour NYC: Murray’s Cheese Shop and Murray’s Cheese Bar


Borough: Manhattan
Neighborhood: West Village
Address: 254 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014
Subways that will get you there: ACE/BDFM to West 4th St or the 1 train to Christopher St.

Favorite Dish: At the restaurant, get the cheese plate. It’s all good, but they’ll give you as many cheeses as you like with something special to pair with it, like honey or jam, and it’s divine.
Cons: Excuse me, it’s a cheese shop, there are no cons. (Ok, it’s a little pricey.)

Why It’s A Favorite: I’m going to resist just typing the word cheese over and over again. I can’t tell you how many times I went to Murray’s Cheese shop, whether it was to pick up a dinner of a few cheeses and olives and pickles, or to grab an amazing grilled cheese for lunch. Unfortunately, I only went to Murray’s Cheese Bar once, for my anniversary, but it was one of the best meals of my life.

If you go into Murray’s, whether it’s the Shop or the Bar, the cheesemongers are so helpful. Just tell them what you want, your price point, and what you’re planning on serving with it and they’ll come up with a winning cheese every time. Plus you get to sample the deliciousness.  While the goods and cheese at Murray’s can be expensive, they’re definitely worth it. Plus if you stick to a budget, you can get a really nice cheese to accompany a home cooked meal for not a lot of extra money. Just make sure you tell your cheesemonger the price point you’d like to match… because they might give you a taste of the super expensive cheese and you’ll be very tempted. That happened to me more than once! And I might have given in. (You might have overheard me saying, “What is the smallest amount possible of that amazing, absurdly expensive cheese you can give me?”)

Similarly, the restaurant is definitely special occasion nice if you’re eating a full meal there, but if you want to just stop in for a drink and a cheese plate, it could be an inexpensive date or get together with friends. Look at that photo of a cheese plate I took on my anniversary. It’s calling your name! In addition to the shop and the bar, Murray’s also has classes on cheese, making it, enjoying it, finding wine and beer to go with it, that you can take. I never got a chance to take one and I was just so disappointed that I missed out on it.

Finally, just to entice you a little bit more, in between the shop and the bar, which are both on Bleecker St, is a great little bookstore called Book Book. Books and cheese. You can’t go wrong!

This post is a part of a series of restaurant reviews on Regular Rumination called Food Tour and also Weekend Cooking hosted by the wonderful Beth Fish Reads.

9 thoughts on “Food Tour NYC: Murray’s Cheese Shop and Murray’s Cheese Bar

  1. OMG Lu. Why yes–I do now have an overwhelming desire to hop a train to the city. Along with the need to grab a hankie to wipe the drool from my chin.

  2. Oh I’m in love and I haven’t even been there yet. Love the bread in a bag! This is on my go-to list for next time in the city.

  3. Oh, my mouth waters just looking at the picture (let along reading the word in your post a few times). Yum! Wish I lived there instead of outside of Chicago.

    Am glad, however, that I finally figured out how to leave a comment on your blog. Haven’t mean to be rude. Or, stupid. 😉

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