The Great TV Re-Watch of 2014

I woke up this morning in a bad mood. Don’t worry, there’s nothing seriously wrong, but let’s just say there have been more than enough mornings when I’ve woken up feeling entirely too cranky. Plus, it’s going to snow a lot tonight. I just don’t have time for that. Every time the bus drives by and I hear their snow tires, my eye twitches.

After reading Ana’s amazing post about Friday Night Lights, I started thinking about all the wonderful shows I’ve watched and how much they mean to me, but I don’t make time for rewatches. And about how nice it would be to just spend some time with the shows I love. So today, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to rewatch my favorite episodes from my favorite shows and just get lost in the story lines and characters again.

I don’t often talk about television here, something I’d really like to change! So I’ll be updating this post throughout the day with my thoughts on my favorite episodes and favorite shows, so I hope you’ll check in. I’m going to start with FNL, just because Ana’s post started this and it’s the show I’ve been thinking about the most. Here’s to not letting a cranky mood rule your day.

Friday Night Lights S1, E10 – “It’s Different For Girls” 

I decided to rewatch this episode because I wanted something from the latter half of season 1, and Ana brought it up in her post. Plus, it made its way on a few “Best of FNL” lists. I forgot how wonderful this show is at bringing levity to an episode that otherwise might have just been heartbreaking. I found myself laughing out loud at Coach Taylor and Tami when Coach was getting a little worked up about Matt dating Julie, including the idea of the “Matt Chat” where he decides to talk to Matt about what is happening, but instead just gives him hours of football games to watch on Saturday. This episode is really about Lyla and how she deals with the fallout when everyone finds out that she cheated on Jason with Tim and it’s brilliant. Friday Night Lights was also so great at doing episodes that grappled with a huge issue like double standards this while making it human and so far from preachy. There wasn’t nearly enough Tyra for me, or, strangely, enough football, but other than this was a perfect pick.

Friday Night Lights S2, E14 – “Leave No One Behind” 

I only cried three times while watching this episode! I didn’t love this episode as much as “It’s Different for Girls.” As much as I love Tyra, I really don’t like the Landry/Tyra story line. The best stories in this episode were Matt and Smash. Matt is having an all around bad time. Carlotta leaves him to return to Guatemala, Smash is suspended for the rest of the regular season and the entire team is counting on Matt, he is always worried about his grandmother, especially now that Carlotta has left. Matt acting out with Tim and his screaming match with Coach Taylor are the reason to watch this episode. Oh, Matt. You are always so sad. It makes me so happy to think that Matt has a happy, beautiful life ahead of him after the show ends. Then Smash encouraging his team and breaking down after they leave to play – excuse me while I go sob into my coffee.

Roswell S2, E5 – “The End of the World” 

Time travel! Max from the future! I remember loving this episode because of Future Max and present-day Liz and their conversations throughout the episode about the future and their romance. I also love the clothing that Future Max and Future Liz wear. Apparently we wear a lot of leather in 2014. This is also the episode that launched a thousand fanfics, I’m sure. Roswell is one of those shows where I desperately want to know what happened after it ended. If you could get all these actors together and do a show about being a 31-year-old alien I would totally watch it. Does the war happen? Do Max et al ever get back to their home planet? Is their race restored? Or do they create a new one of alien human hybrids? NBC is bringing back Heroes anything can happen. This was a good episode to watch randomly, because ALL THE FEELS. UPDATE: There are novels about what happens after the show ends. I must track them down.

Supernatural S3, E11 – “The Mystery Spot” 

This episode is always on tumblr because it has to do with Tuesdays, so naturally Supernatural fans regularly reblog it on Tuesdays. I had forgotten how just generally upsetting this episode is. It’s funny, sort of, in a devastating, awful kind of way. I guess that’s the show in one sentence?

I took a break to file my taxes.

Veronica Mars, S1 – The last three episodes

I knew it was going to be hard to watch just one Veronica Mars episode. I’ve been meaning to rewatch the whole series before the movie comes out on the 14th, so I might just continue with Season 2 right now.

I think this great re-watch of 2014 was a success. I wasn’t nearly as cranky for the rest of the day as I could have been. I hope you had a lovely, grump-free Sunday, too!

4 thoughts on “The Great TV Re-Watch of 2014

  1. What a great idea! It’s been a long time since I watched FNL, I don’t even know what my favorite episode would be! I’ve been really wanting to re-watch The Wire and Six Feet Under lately, too (though I do watch the last scene of the final episode every once in a while on YouTube).

  2. Excellent idea…if I wasn’t already committed to transferring box sets (Sinatra and Zeppelin first) to iTunes then Google Play Music All Access, I’d be down for it today. Maybe another time. It certainly gets me thinking anyway..about my favorite episodes from West Wing to Northern Exposure to M*A*S*H to…oh, the list goes on and on.

  3. I’m trying to decide how much Veronica Mars to watch before I go to the movie on Saturday. I wish I’d made time to watch the whole series, but c’est la vie. I’m thinking the last 4-6 episodes of S3 will be good, whatever the last arc of that season was. I need to do some research 🙂 Are you going to the movie next weekend?

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