Music for your winter blues.



I know the winter blues are hitting hard this year, if my own mental state is any indication. I’m sick of snow and cold like I’ve never been before and I’ve been gobbling up books set on lush farms in warm summers. I’ve been alternating between two playlists, one of songs that let me wallow in the cold and the winter sad and another that helps me fight it with songs that sound like spring and summer. This post on Lady Business inspired me to share my two lists with you. The first list are songs that make me forget that I don’t know what above freezing feels like.

album art 1

Shapeshifters / Sam Roberts Band / Lo-Fantasy – “It’ll be all right in the morning/try to keep them fires burning/when the sun did rise everybody was gone you were far from home/you were on your own” – Breezy and summery, just like their album cover, with a beat that lifts even the worst cold-weather mood.

Oceans / Coasts / Oceans – “We fell in love/right by the ocean/made all our plans/down on the sand” – Coasts’ harmonies and the beach setting of this song make it perfect to escape all the snow.

On Paper / Arkells / Michigan Left – “But on paper, I could write it out for you/On paper, I could draw you a picture/On paper, I could finish a story with any ending you please” – I could have picked any of the songs from the Michigan Left album by Arkells. This album has been on heavy rotation all winter. The sound is a little bit harder than Sam Roberts Band or Coasts, so if that is more your thing, check out Arkells.

music 2

Mountain Sound / Of Monsters & Men / My Head is An Animal – “Alone we traveled on/With nothing but a shadow/We fled, far away” – Whenever I need a song that’s going to immediately lift my mood, I pull up My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men. Even though it seems like its been everywhere (in movie trailers and commercials and on the radio), I still can’t get enough.

Danza Kuduro / Don Omar / Meet the Orphans – “Con las manos arriba, cintura sola/Da media vuelta, Danza Kuduro/No te canses ahora que esto solo empieza” – If I am in a bad mood and I need a song to immediately get me up and dancing or excited for a trek through the snow, this is the song.

Forever / Haim / Days Are Gone – “Forever I’ll see you and me/Forever I’ll try for you and I.” – Whenever I make a list like this I’m always attached to the song I had on repeat the previous summer, and this is the one.


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