5 Years Later

Five years ago today, I was a sophomore in college and without a thing to read over my winter break. I wanted something new to read, so I got online to find book reviews and discovered that there was such a thing as a book blog. I knew that this was how I wanted to spend my time and a baby blog was born.

Since then, a lot of things have changed, but one thing is still the same. I feel so fortunate for that day, because book blogging has changed my life in more ways than I can count. I have met amazing people, been fortunate enough to have many opportunities, and hope to be a blogger for a long time.

Usually, I don’t do much for my blogiversary, because there is just so much going on. It’s the end of the year! There are year-end surveys and book lists, New Year’s Resolutions, and holiday posts. But lately I’ve felt the blogging bug and I thought I might share some of my blogging resolutions.

  • Blog at least once a week. I know this won’t happen every week, but I’d really like to try to make this a priority in 2014.
  • Blog about books, but not necessarily reviews. I like my book lists, my conversations about books, but I’ve been tired of writing reviews for a long time. I think it’s time to just let them go.
  • Post a quote from every book I read. Weekly post about this, maybe?
  • Blog about other things. I’ve thought about blogging about NYC, crafting, recipes. I’d like to find a way to do this consistently. I want my blog to reflect my life.

And that’s it. I want resolutions that are doable. I want 2014 to be the year of getting it right in all aspects of my life. Or at least trying my best. Will you join me?

13 thoughts on “5 Years Later

  1. Happy Blogiversary! I have missed mine entirely a few years because it is also in the middle of the holiday season… Those resolutions sound very doable, though. Good luck!

  2. I’m a newcomer to your blog–I found it during your November Nonfiction posts. Congrats on your anniversary, and I look forward to continuing to read your book-ish thoughts, in whatever form they take!

  3. Congrats on 5 years dear Lu! I’m so glad to have known you through blogging–you have such a sweet spirit.

    I love your goals (especially the last) and think you’re own to something about the reviews. It’s where I really struggle too but I just haven’t know how to tackle it!

    Happy 2014!!

  4. Happy blogiversary!

    I love the line “I want my blog to reflect my life”. I need to make that my goal also. Posting a quote weekly on your blog sounds like a good idea. I plan on doing the same thing. It has that commonplace journal feel. Good luck.

  5. Happy anniversary, Lu! I too love your goals and perhaps I should take some inspiration from them myself. I can struggle with writing reviews of some books as well, even if I really like them. It can just be so exhausting to be thoughtful ALL THE TIME 😛

  6. Will I join you in which aspect? 🙂 1, 2, 3 or 4? Or all? Or those things you mentioned in last paragraph? Well, whichever, yes, I will try to join you in almost all of those, but I’m not making any promises, which is something I’m trying to do next year…of course, that’s making a promise too, isn’t it? Making a promise to not make any promises? 😉

  7. Happy bloggy birthday! I’ve seen a few bloggers set a goal of quoting from every book they read, and I love the idea. I’m not going to do it in January (because I’ve already scheduled a bunch of those posts and returned the books to the library and it is now TOO LATE), but I’d like to try to do it in February and after.

  8. I love these goals. They feel a lot like what I want to do this year. I want to think about different ways to write about books… reviews are sort of tiring me out. Or maybe I just need to start thinking about reviews differently. I’m not sure. I love the idea of quotes from books. I’m excited to read those posts. I also want to blog about things besides books, but I also haven’t decided the best way to do that. I was thinking about making Friday an “other” day and posting about something that isn’t bookish every Friday. We’ll see though. January is such a busy month, it’s hard for me to make plans because they just fall apart before I even get started 🙂

  9. I love your resolutions for you blog!

    I still remember when I decided to start a book blog. I agree that this community is life changing. But I also love how much I’ve been able to adapt my blog to be so much more than just a book blog. Yes, I am a reader and that is a huge piece of my blog but my blog is more about me than about books.

    I look forward to seeing how your blog develops with the execution of your resolutions!

    Happy 2014!

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