Announcing Nonfiction November!

final version 3This has been the year of themed reading months for me, which was an idea that Debi kicked off for me at the beginning of the year. I haven’t had a focus every month, but the times I have have been the best reading months of the year! There was gardening and comics at the beginning of the year and now thrillers and horror novels for October. When I was thinking ahead to November, seeing the towering stack of nonfiction I have to read, it immediately popped into my head: Nonfiction November!

Of course, when I was thinking about nonfiction, the first person I thought of was Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, or as I like to call her, the queen of nonfiction. We decided to make Nonfiction November something of an event that we hope you might be interested in participating in as well. Each week, there will be a topic for us to discuss on the blog on Mondays with a linky and then on Friday, Kim or I will post a round up of everyone’s posts.

So! Do you want to learn something this November? Participate in a blogging event with excellent alliteration? Then I think Nonfiction November is for you!

Week 1 – November 4th – Nonfiction Favorite – What is your favorite piece of nonfiction? If you can’t pick just one, share a few! We love lists around here. (Linky/sign up hosted at Regular Rumination)

Week 2 – November 11 – Be the Expert or Ask the Expert or Become the Expert – Round up a list of books that you have read or want to read about one particular topic. If there is a particular topic that you are interested in, be sure to ask the group if there any experts out there! (Linky hosted at Sophisticated Dorkiness)

Week 3 – November 18 – Book Pairing  – Partner up a fiction favorite with a compelling, similar nonfiction read. So – if you like FICTION BOOK, you’ll love NONFICTION BOOK. (Linky hosted at Regular Rumination)

Week 4 – November 25 – New To My TBR – It’s been a month of awesome nonfiction recommendations – which ones have you added to your TBR? Be sure to link back to the blog that recommended each title if you remember where you saw it. (Linky hosted at Sophisticated Dorkiness)

At the end of the month, each participant in Nonfiction November will be entered in a drawing and Kim and I will each randomly choose one name. Those two lucky participants will win nonfiction prize packs that have yet to be determined. I really hope you join us. My goal is to finally read a few titles from my TBR  – and of course to add to it.

Happy reading!


5 thoughts on “Announcing Nonfiction November!

  1. Oooh Lu, you’re totally making me wish I still blogged publicly so I could join in! This sounds like such fun! And I’m definitely looking forward to making the rounds reading people’s posts…I so love non-fiction! This is a brilliant idea!!!

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