Saturday Farmer’s Market… On Tuesday!

saturdayfarmersmarketDo you think I can successfully post my Saturday Farmer’s Market posts on every day except Saturday? I think so. I’m pretty good at not doing things on time. Or we could say that I’m just 4 days early, right guys? I was going to just wait until Saturday to post pictures of my balcony, but it just looks so happy and I wanted to see exactly how much it can grow in those 4 days. So, lucky you, you get to see pictures today!

We started some tomato plants from seed and Michael and I have been like nervous mothers over here. They looked good one day and bad the next, the bottom leaves were withering, the leaves were curling, the stem was turning brown. We were convinced they had blight one day and were just tired the next. I still don’t know. So when I went to meet Michael in our hometown, I traveled the 365 miles from my apartment to my mom’s house with my tomatoes in tow. They just weren’t doing that great and I didn’t want to leave them alone all weekend. I dropped them off at Michael’s parents’ house and he took custody of the tomato children for the weekend, transplanting them into bigger pots:



The two on the top are tomatoes and the one on the bottom is a pepper of unknown variety. We bought a pepper mix, so it will be a surprise whatever comes out. I apologize for the inclusion of my toes. I think they are looking healthy, right?? (The tomatoes, not my toes.)

Just in case, though, my mom bought us this:

20130521_200059 (1)


Back up tomato! With a swanky cage pot. The planter behind him was filled with a flower failure, but don’t worry. I’ve got some new ones to fill it in:



Finally, here are some comparison photos so you can see how our plants are doing 3 weeks later:

swiss chardSwiss chard!




Whilrybird nasturtium!

And last but not least, lettuce!


On the agenda this week: plant another round of chard going, start up our warm weather herbs, like basil (which failed miserably since we planted it too early), eat the cress that is ready to be harvested, mix more soil and get the flowers into the planters. Get the patio organized! As you can see, right now it’s a little bit crowded and messy with empty pots and things that aren’t really flourishing that should be removed to make room for things that are (or will be). I’m still not giving up on that damn squash plant, though.

On Saturday, I think I’ll talk about my trip to the nursery with my mom this weekend and also my garden-dreaming, a totally new phenomenon for me. Until then… happy gardening! Please check out the other Saturday Farmer’s Market participants over at the lovely Chris’s blog!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer’s Market… On Tuesday!

  1. That chard is three weeks? I’m guessing you’ve had some useful weather! Everything looks really good. Hope this week works out 🙂

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