Readathon Hour 11

clash of kingsWe are nearing the halfway mark and I have finally finished my first book! I wasn’t really planning on reading all of Clash of Kings today. I had read about half of it and I was going to spend the morning reading a hundred pages or so before I moved onto some of my more readathon appropriate books, but I got sucked in. So I guess that means it was a readathon appropriate book?

I think I liked this book a lot better than the first one, even though there wasn’t nearly enough Daenerys and her dragons. I have heard that I will like the third book even more!

Here are my readathon stats:

Pages read: 469 (Clash of Kings)
Minutes listened: 32:02 (Seraphina)
Books read: 1
Snacks eaten: Bread with smokey goat cheese and garlic jelly, chips and queso, Dunkin Donuts coffee, and a couple munchkins. (ETA: Totally forgot! I had a salad, too. Keeping this readathon healthy.)

What’s next?

this is what happy looks likeAnd pizza!



3 thoughts on “Readathon Hour 11

  1. Any book that can suck you in like that is definitely a good read-a-thon book! 😀 Not to mention how accomplished you must feel now. Wish I could say the same…ah, but who cares–I’m having fun even if I’m not getting as much read as I’d hoped. Hope your evening is just as awesome, Lu!!!

  2. I’ve had great luck with choosing one really long absorbing book for Readathons. I end up making tremendous progress on something I want to read, and I don’t have lots of reviews to write after! Anything that will suck me in and make me not want to stop reading is readathon appropriate.

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