Saturday Farmer’s Market – Balcony Garden Beginnings!



When Chris announced last week that he was keeping up Heather’s lovely Saturday Farmer’s Market weekly event, I couldn’t wait to participate and show you pictures of our balcony garden! We finally started transplanting our seedlings into pots and now my apartment smells like dirt and fertilizer. We are completely novice gardeners, taking what we’ve learned from books and Michael’s countless hours of internet searches and Reddit Gardening reading into something that looks like a garden. We’ve already failed plenty, but we’re starting to learn that that’s really what gardening is. Lots of failure, which makes the successes taste that much sweeter.

Balcony gardenHere is the start! In the big long pot, we have some lettuce that we’re starting. I’m afraid it’s a bit too late for them. Right now it’s still in the 60s, but it’s supposed to be in the 70-80s this weekend and we’re afraid they’re going to bolt. But they’re supposed to be a bit hardier than most lettuce. It’s the Garden Babies Butterhead from Renee’s Garden. Next to the lettuce is our sad little broccoli, that’s not really doing too well, a second squash, cilantro that’s probably been put outside too soon, whirlybird, arugula, cress. In the big pot are carrots and then a zinnia that looks TINY in its huge pot, but that’s going to need that much space when it gets larger.

We ordered our seeds from Johnny’s and Renee’s. We’re really loving the Renee’s for it’s beautiful package, and hopefully we’ll love it because they’re just good plants. From Johnny’s we got the herb disks, which have been great! You don’t really need to worry too much about them. We’re still waiting for our warm-weather herb disks to germinate inside. I hope the do!

I’m most excited though about our tiny baby lettuces. I squealed when I went out on the balcony this morning. They’re so cute! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them.

tiny baby lettuces


Still in the works are a strawberry planter and tomatoes and hot peppers that still need some time inside before the weather gets warm enough to put them outside. I’m really excited and proud of us for keeping it up this year. Last year all of our seedlings died when we put them outside too early. Instead of dusting ourselves off and trying again we just gave up. NOT THIS YEAR!

Today I’m going to be starting some strawberries inside and planting some chard in an empty pot outside. What are you doing in the garden today?



5 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer’s Market – Balcony Garden Beginnings!

  1. Hoooooooooray 😀 I’m so excited to watch your garden grow, Lu!!!!!! You’re absolutely right that gardening is all about learning from your mistakes. But you’ll see…you’ll be a pro with all kinds of homemade knowledge soon 😉 Can’t wait to see how this progresses!

  2. I just left Heather a comment saying that it must be so rewarding and exciting to see the greens popping up from the dirt. Love it! And since I’m a newbie this year I’m expecting failure and lots of learning. Figure we have nothing to lose if we at least try! Can’t wait to see more Lu!

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