#readbyatt Chapters 14-19


I apologize for the delay in getting this post out! Sunday totally got away from me and now Monday night has, too. Truthfully, though I’m not entirely sure I have much to say about this section. I went through to see what I bookmarked and I apparently found something interesting on page 364, but reading through it I have no idea what I found to be interesting enough to mark the page. I should really underline things.

So! What is going on in Possession. Well, Roland is still miserable. Maud is still reserved and quiet. They both dream of a white room with nothing in it but a white bed where they can go and be away from the noise and dirt of the world. It sounds silly when you write it out like that and I almost want to make fun of it, but it is touching and passionate when they talk about it. We find out a big secret about Christabel through her cousin Sabine’s journal.

Everyone talks about the letters being their favorite part, and I suppose in terms of literary accomplishment I agree with that. But in terms of juicy excitement, I liked Sabine’s journal even more. It’s scandalous and dramatic, but I agree with Kim in that it’s not shocking. I don’t know that it’s meant to be shocking to the reader, since we know that at the heart of this novel there are two love stories, but instead it is all about how Maud and Roland react and how their world changes because everything they thought they knew was incorrect.

As different as Maud and Roland are in their back story, they are fundamentally the same in the way they hold onto their own “normal.” Maud, after a disastrous relationship, is reserved and unwilling to trust. Roland has been in an unhappy relationship out of a sense of duty and because he can’t imagine life any other way. Neither is capable of shaking their lives up on their own, but maybe they can do it together. I don’t know – we’ll have to see if they get there.

Mindy commented on Kim’s blog that she thinks it is a good thing we’re reading Possession slowly and I have to agree with her. There’s been something leisurely about this readalong that’s given me time to really sit and think about the book. I’m not rushing to the end, but savoring each section slowly throughout the week. It’s been really lovely and while I’m excited to get to the end next week, I also know that I’m going to miss having a story like this to sink my teeth into week after week. It’s good to read things slowly sometimes.

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2 thoughts on “#readbyatt Chapters 14-19

  1. Perhaps p.364 was my referencing the odd line of “what they thought will be told later. “. I thot it odd that the author told us we would get that later! I tweeted the page #.

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