March Reading – Possession Readalong #readbyatt

byattIt’s officially March, which means two things: spring is almost here and the Possession readalong is here. Kim and I have been chatting about doing a readalong for Possession by AS Byatt for a few weeks now, because we have both tried to read this book on our own, but never made it through. I even convinced my book club to read it, but then I couldn’t go to the meeting that month!

This isn’t a very stressful readalong. You can feel free to join in on your blog or Twitter, using the hashtag  #readbyatt. (It was surprisingly difficult to come up with a short enough hashtag that made sense!) We’ll also post once week about the book. Here’s the schedule we came up with:

March 11: Chapters 1-6
March 18: Chapters 7-13
March 25: Chapters 14-19
April 1: Chapter 20-End

I know March 11 is soon, but we made the first section a little bit shorter, so you can hopefully  join in. As Kim mentioned in her post, we’re not doing official sign ups for this one, but we hope you’ll let us know in the comments (or on Twitter!) if you’re joining in.  If you’re like Kim and I and you’ve had Possession on your TBR for as long as we have, I hope you’ll be able to read along with us!

9 thoughts on “March Reading – Possession Readalong #readbyatt

  1. Oh my…I am So Tempted! Unfortunately, I think wimpyness is overpowering my temptation. :p Perhaps I shall go pull it off the shelf and leave here beside me…maybe temptation would win out…

  2. I’m so so so tempted as I’ve wanted to read this one for years (literally years) but I’m not sure I can handle both this and Outlander in March, plus the end of Vanity Fair. Depending on how the month goes I might try to sneak in at the end…

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