Comics February is Here!

So, when Debi posted that she was going to be reading comics and graphic novels all February, I Just thought that that sounded like a fabulous idea. Every year I mean to read more and more comics and I read a few, but I don’t make it a consistent thing. This year, I really want to read more and dedicating an entire month to the medium sounds perfect. It is February 1 (well, I suppose technically 2nd at this point, because it is after midnight) and I have already read three! I’m doing so well!

I’ve also decided to try and post every day again in February. The thing is, I didn’t post every day in January, but I sure did post a lot more last month than I have on this blog in a long time and it felt good. This month I’m definitely going to be focusing on the comics that I’m reading, but there might be a few other posts thrown in, depending on how much I’ve been reading.

My first review, up tomorrow, will be of Hark, A Vagrant! Another goal for February is to keep up my Sunday “This week in…” posts. I like them, they’re chatty, and they’re a good way to bring in a little bit of a personal touch to the blog.

So that’s the plan for February! I think January went really well, though I started to run out of things to do towards the end of the month and, consequently, didn’t post as much. It’s funny because the post I had planned all month, the whole reason I started the project even, never happened. Maybe another day?


4 thoughts on “Comics February is Here!

  1. Yay 😀 😀 😀 I’m so glad that you’re joining in too!!!! I’ve read one already and I’m working on my second. And I’m so glad you read Hark a Vagrant!! I have both of her collections and I absolutely adore them!

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