January 10 – Eat something I have never had before & adapt a recipe to my fridge

Friends! I didn’t post last night.

And I know, it’s the month of posting every day, but a) I didn’t do anything yesterday and b) I knew going into this project that I was going to have to give myself at least one day off. I planned to post “This is my day off!” but, um, then I fell asleep. So, at least I did what I set out to do?

Just for that, though, I’m doing two things tonight. That’s right! TWO. The first one is that I’m trying a food I’ve never had before. The second is that I’m taking a recipe that I found online and adapting it to fit my fridge. I feel like I waste too much food, buying things that I only use half of or never getting around to making the recipe. I’m always trying to be better about this. At the grocery store this weekend, Michael and I bought swiss chard, something neither of us have eaten or cooked with. Experiments! We did make collards earlier in the week, so we thought, how much harder could this be?

The answer? Much easier! Collards cook for forever, which is why they taste so good, but swiss chard only has to cook about 10 minutes. I’m all about easy. The goal was to make this recipe fit my leftovers. So, I cooked up the leftover salt pork I had from the collards and let the fat render. I cooked the stems of the swiss chard and the onions in the rendered fat. Swiss chard has a very earthy smell, kind of like fennel, but without the licoricey smell or taste. Does that make sense?

Then I added some sliced mushrooms. I had some leftover from a failed attempt at cooking caramelized onion and mushroom pizza. I let those cook down and I added the garlic, tomato paste, and siracha, instead of harissa. Next up, the chicken broth, water, and a squeeze of a lime (I didn’t have lemons) and to let this bad boy simmer for 10 minutes. While it’s simmering, I soft boiled an egg and some soba noodles.

It was good! Swiss chard has an earthy flavor and the soup was flavorful and spicy. It’s not something that I really see myself craving, though. Maybe after I’ve eaten it a few times? I’m sad I didn’t get any good pictures, but mine wasn’t very pretty. Anyway, I’m glad I tried something new and it’s always good to get some leafy greens in!

6 thoughts on “January 10 – Eat something I have never had before & adapt a recipe to my fridge

  1. I know what you mean – I hate it when I have to throw away produce! This sounds very good – I don’t like collard greens that much but I may not have had them prepared good. And I like almost all other greens. So I will have to try the Swiss chard!

  2. I’m always trying to be more sensible about foods what I buy. If I have leftovers of any ingredient, I go hunting for another recipe I can use it in. This is not always effective because sometimes I have a whole bunch of leftover egg noodles and I just don’t feel like it.

    1. At least egg noodles will keep for a while! This is something I’m always trying to be better at. One day I’ll be a pro. Hopefully!

  3. I know what you mean about trying to make use of the food in your fridge! I like to tweak recipes, too, but sometimes when you get an ingredient just for one recipe, then it can be hard to use it again for something else… for instance, I have a big can of tomato paste, and I have no idea what to do with it!

    I love Swiss chard! I love how colorful it is 🙂

    1. The swiss chard we used actually wasn’t colorful! I saw the red swiss chard when we went to the grocery store the next time, but the chard we had was white and green. Tomato paste is the worst! It comes in such a big can and you usually only need a tablespoon or two.

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