January 8 – See people I love

I am determined to post every day! DETERMINED.

I am practically falling asleep at my keyboard here, but I wanted to do a quick post to talk about something that happened today that’s very much at the heart of this project. You see, I was scheduled to go to book club and I was going to post about it. I love my book club. We are a weird, funny group. But then I got a text from my aunt. She had a surprise layover tonight at the airport, she’s a flight attendant, and she wanted to know if I wanted to grab dinner.

Um, yes.

This month is all about doing things, and planning things, but also throwing that plan out the window when something happens. Whether it’s because something is not working or because something better comes up, it’s all about just doing what will make me happy and fulfilled.

Tonight, that meant skipping book club and hanging out with my aunt and Michael. And we had a great time chatting and eating mediocre hotel burgers and having an adventure trying to get to the hotel. One bus, one 20 minute walk, and one car service later, we finally made it there and back.

It’s going to be a busy month for hanging out with people and I love that. A good friend is coming to the city this weekend, another already stayed with me a couple of days, and I’m seeing someone in a few weeks that I haven’t seen in a long time. Seeing people I love? High on my list of happy-making things this month.


3 thoughts on “January 8 – See people I love

  1. Love the entire third paragraph, Lu! That whole “plan as best you can, but then throw caution to the wind and just LIVE” philosophy has been one I’ve really been embracing since traveling. I’ve been finding that often the best things that have happened to me are the ones I never could have planned in the first place and didn’t see coming. It’s great feeling like life is full of surprises and honestly anything is possible!

    1. I love reading about all your traveling, Steph. You’re an inspiration to me! And I agree with you completely about the best things being unplanned, because they are!

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