January 7 – Go to Masala Bhangra on Mondays

Ah! I almost forgot to write up my post today, but I didn’t forget to do something today! Right before Christmas, my friend and I went to a Masala Bhangra class that my pilates teacher teaches not far from work and it was a lot of fun. Sure, I looked totally ridiculous, but it didn’t feel like working out, which is, actually, my favorite kind of work out. We decided that after the holiday we would try to go every week.

According to the Masala Bhangra website, Masala is Hindi for “spicy” and Bhangra is a traditional dance from Punjab, India. Masala Bhangra dance classes combine traditional dance moves with a contemporary twist. In a 45 minute class, you learn some basics and a full dance routine. You learn each move and then put the dance together move by move, so by the end, you’ve pretty much got the whole dance down.

Masala Bhangra is a really great workout and a lot of fun. The dance moves were slightly different this time around, so I don’t think there’s too much of a danger of getting bored. Plus, everyone in the class is in the same boat. None of us are professional dancers or anything like that, so we were all making mistakes left and right. There was one move that I’m pretty sure I’ll never get down! The class is really for any skill level, because you can usually tailor each move to your skill set.

If you can find a class in your area, take it! I have had a blast both times that I’ve gone.

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