Surprise snow storm!

Though some forecasts were predicting snow for the Northeastern US, no one was predicting quite this much snow. I left the office around 5:15 and there was a light slush on the ground. I got out of the subway around 6:30 to about 2 inches. It’s still snowing now a few hours later and it’s still accumulating. So much snow! Anyway, it’s late in the day, but I thought I’d throw up a quick Poetry Wednesday to celebrate (?)  this early snow storm. (I’m trying to channel my inner Lorelei Gilmore here, but I really dislike the snow.)

This is an excerpt from the poem “Falling Leaves and Early Snow” by Kenneth Rexroth. You can read the full poem at the Poetry Foundation.

In the afternoon thin blades of cloud
Move over the mountains;
The storm clouds follow them;
Fine rain falls without wind.
The forest is filled with wet resonant silence.
When the rain pauses the clouds
Cling to the cliffs and the waterfalls.
In the evening the wind changes;
Snow falls in the sunset.
We stand in the snowy twilight
And watch the moon rise in a breach of cloud.
Between the black pines lie narrow bands of moonlight,
Glimmering with floating snow.
An owl cries in the sifting darkness.
The moon has a sheen like a glacier.

4 thoughts on “Surprise snow storm!

  1. Ah, snow. Where I am in Texas, it has “snowed” twice in my lifetime. And by “snow,” I mean, slightly more than a frost. I’ve been in Colorado once with snow, and it was so cool. But, having never been around it, it made me nervous to drive in.

    I love that Gilmore Girls episode, by the way.

  2. I was excited about the first snow of the season! Of course, I then got home and put on my pajamas and snuggled up under a blanket, and once I was all cozy I realized that I hadn’t closed out my tab at the bar where I went to watch the election results. And I had to put on my snow boots and my puffy jacket and go all the way down in the snow to close it out. Boo.

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