Poetry Project October Roundup

I apologize for a month of slacking off and being a few days late to the party on this one. October is one of the more stressful months we have at work and most of the days this month I just came home and read silly YA. I posted a few poems, but not a lot.

I also am trying to ignore the fact that October is over. It moved so fast! Here is the round up of all the amazing Poetry Project participants for the month of October! I hope you had a spooktacular poetry reading month. (Everyone’s allowed to say spooktacular seriously once during the whole month of October.)

Amy @ New Century Reading posted a fabulous Ted Hughes poem called “Wind.” You know that Ted Hughes is one of my favorite poets, so get over to Amy’s blog and read read read!

Kristin @ Matched posted the Christina Rosetti poem “Goblin Market,” which works for this month’s theme and our Christina Rosetti month in January!

Nancy @ Simple Clockwork posted about a collection of Cebuano poems, specifically the poem “Images (of Life) by E. Gadiana Cabras. Cebuano, Nancy’s native language, is spoken in the Phillipines. Her post includes the poem in its original Cebuano and the English translation. She also posted another Cebuano poem called “The Monster of Old” by Canuto C. Lim. Finally, for All Souls’ and All Saints’ days she posted the poem “Cemetery by Marra PL. Lanot.

Madeleine @ Scribble and Edit wrote about the poem “The Hag” by Robert Herrick and Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Halloween.” She also shared two original Halloween haikus!

Mona @ Infinity Books posted about an Edna St. Vincent Millay (one of my favorites!) poem called “Journey.”

Snowball @ Come Sit By the Hearth posted about how she believes that we’re all, in some way, “haunted.” It’s a lovely musing! She also posted the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem “Haunted Houses.”

Kaye @ the road goes ever on posted samples of the Edgar Allen Poe poems “The Sleeper,” “Annabel Lee” and “The Raven” and a list of her favorite Poe poems. She also posted an excerpt of the Poe story “The Pit and the Pendulum.”

Gavin @ Page 247 posted the poem “All Souls’ Night” by Hortense King Flexner.

This month’s theme is “War Remembrance” and Kelly is hosting the Mr. Linky. Remember, you don’t have to follow along with our monthly themes to participate. All you need to do is post about poetry during the month of November! If you posted during October and you don’t see your post here, please add it to the November Linky and we’ll include it in November’s round up!

3 thoughts on “Poetry Project October Roundup

  1. I’m not orgainzed enought to post on time and get my post listed on the Mr. Linky, but I will be posting about poetry tomorrow. I hope to get it together so I can join in in a more official way, soon.

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