Read More/Blog More Poetry – May

It looks like I needed the more flexible schedule than anyone this week! With Memorial Day traveling and busy getting ready for BEA Blogger Con/Uncon (I’m planning on attending both) and BEA, it’s been a crazy week! I have also not read much poetry this month. You see, when I’m really enjoying novels, I don’t always reach for the poetry and I’ve read some really great novels lately. I think I’ll just ramble about poetry, how does that sound?

I also write poetry. I used to write it a lot more, but I haven’t written much of anything since leaving college, except for blog posts. I have a plan to change this, but one thing I did to motivate myself was I sent one of my college poems to a literary magazine.

It was rejected.

But it was such a nice rejection letter! Really! They said it was a “close contender” and they even pulled out a line that they really liked. If you tell me that they say this to everyone, I will put my fingers in my ears and sing “lalalalala” until you are done. I’m really glad I sent it in. Something about the rejection letter has been motivating. I’ve thought about printing it out and pinning it up on my desk. It feels like the start of something.

So what has your poetry focus been this month? Writing, reading, exploring? Share it with us in the Mr. Linky! I’ll do a round up of all the posts for Friday.

8 thoughts on “Read More/Blog More Poetry – May

  1. I don’t know what happened to my first link. It just doesn’t want to work!

    I’ve heard that rejection letters are more valuable than acceptance letters and many authors treasure them. They encourage and motivate, and if you get the right editor, they even teach. Go ahead, frame it!

    I actually wrote two posts this month but only used one. The post I kept is on writing poetry. It’s a kind of challenge for myself. Writing poetry is how I keep my sanity so I’m trying to do more of it. (some might say it’s too late)

    I’m always reading poetry, no matter what else I’m reading. Since it comprises the bulk of my blog it’s hard to escape.

    Well, I’m just babbling here so I’ll sign off.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with the rejection letter.

    I think your positive attitude towards it is the right approach. Every writer must learn to accept and even treasure rejection letters from publishers.

    Anyway… The May has come to an end and I look forward to reading what others put up for this monthly event.

  3. I’ve had more trouble than usual writing about poetry, since I do it from a very personal point of view and have a new consciousness that not everyone can see things from my perspective. So this group invitation to write about poetry came at a good time.

  4. Way to go, Lu! I’d love to talk more about this submission of yours – you can email me if you want. Getting something in the mail is still my kryptonite. Why is it so hard? Let’s talk more about an idea I have.

  5. OK. So I’ve really messed up this month. Long story short – I have two different posts up.

    Habitually messing things up can be exhausting. I need to take a nap now.

  6. Well, I’m no writer (obviously!), but that sounds like a pretty damn nice rejection letter to me, too! I seriously can’t imagine that all rejection letters sound that way, so I think you’re safe keeping your fingers out of your ears. 🙂

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