Dutch Lit Month!

Iris is hosting her Dutch Lit Month again in June 2012. I missed this event last year, so I’m very excited to participate this year. I don’t read nearly enough books in translation, let alone Dutch literature. You can read more about Dutch Lit Month and sign up for the event (and two others!) over at Iris’s blog.

I’ve decided to read the newest novel by Margriet de Moor called The Storm. I wanted to read one of the books that Iris suggested, but I had a surprisingly difficult time finding their translations at my library. They were often available, but I couldn’t put them on reserve. We also have a HUGE collection of the books in their original Dutch. I was really excited to see that.

I’ll admit, what attracted me to The Storm is the cover. Isn’t it beautiful? I’ll be reading and reviewing this title sometime in June and I hope you’ll join the Dutch Lit Month challenge!


4 thoughts on “Dutch Lit Month!

  1. YES–that cover is gorgeous!!! Between that and the title, I’m intrigued. I’ve no clue what it’s about, but can’t wait to see what you think of it. 🙂

  2. I wanted to do this last year and I’d love to do it this year but the timing is always off for me. My heritage is Dutch so I’m really interested to read Dutch authors and it’s something I haven’t done.

  3. That is a gorgeous cover! Now I wish I had chosen this book as my pick from De Moor’s oeuvre. I could still change if my library owns her books, since I only chose her debut because my parents owned it.

    Thank you for spreading the word! And I hope you enjoy “The Storm”.

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