March and April Round Up!

I decided to wait and post my March round up until I posted with April, because there was a lot going on in April, what with National Poetry Month taking up most of my posts. I didn’t get a poem up every day, but it was close! I’m going to plan a lot further ahead next year and not try to schedule 30 poems in one weekend. This is basically a list of book reviews that I haven’t written yet, so consider it a preview!

March Reading

1. Of Poseidon by Anna Banks – I reviewed this wildly ridiculous YA paranormal romance over at BookRiot. Check it out!
2. What Was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn – This was a mostly forgettable novel that I will probably never review. It’s a complicated novel to summarize, but essentially a young girl goes missing and then haunts the mall where she disappeared, bringing two people tenuously connected to her case together ten years later.
3. Foreign Bodies by Cynthia Ozick – This is a lovely novel. It was long-listed for the Orange Prize this year, which is why I read it, but I am not sure I have much to say about it. This is one that I might still review in the future.
4. Rules of Civility by Amor Trowles – I actually wrote a review for this one, guys! It will post in the next couple weeks.
5. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain – This was a book for book club and I don’t really have much to say about it. Check out Kim’s excellent review. I feel the same way.
6. The Grief of Others by Leah Hager Cohen – Another Orange Prize read. This one was lovely and sad and just all around tragic. I enjoyed it though.
7. Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud – Interesting, if now dated, discussion on comics.
8. The Odds by Stewart O’Nan – Oh, Stewart O’Nan. You’re a brilliant writer. Wrote a write-up of this one, along with Delirium, over at BookRiot as well. I’m actually quite proud of this article.

Eight books! Woo! None of them have been reviewed yet, but some of them have posts coming. Overall, March was a very strong reading month. Now that we’re a month out, I can say the strongest book was definitely The Odds. Stewart O’Nan just can’t do much wrong in my book.

April Reading

1. Delirium by Lauren Oliver – So, I don’t know if I’ve told y’all this, because I was in a bit of a blogging slump when I read it, but Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver blew me away. I wasn’t expecting to love it, but I totally did. Delirium was a little disappointing after Before I Fall. I never connected with the characters.
2. Chime by Franny Billingsley – I loved this book. Review to come!
3. The Help by Kathryn Stockett – I have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation about this book, but I found parts of it to be in bad taste, others to be interesting and touching, and the ending was terrible, awful, no-good.
4. An Uncommon Education by Elizabeth Percer – I received this review book from Harper and I’m really excited to review it. I enjoyed it and I have a lot of feelings about it.
5. Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore – This was definitely my most-anticipated book of 2012 and for me, it lived up to the hype. I know some people didn’t love it, but I did. That is all. (I’m just kidding, that is not all, I’ll have a full review and giveaway of this one on May 8th!)
6. Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel – This was very average. I really liked the beginning, but I didn’t enjoy the last half. It was just ok.
7. Stolen by Lucy Christopher – This book made me feel all the feelings it was supposed to make me feel, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it. Well-written? Absolutely. Fun to read? Nope. Books don’t need to be fun to read, but this one made me feel down-right uncomfortable.
8. The Best American Poetry: 2011 edited by Kevin Young – This is easily one of the best poetry collections I’ve read. Get to a bookstore and read it!
9. Chiggers by Hope Larson – A so-so middle-grade comic.
10. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Oh, I definitely have a review of this one on the way. So excited! I LOVED this book.
11. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – Yes, I loved Gone Girl so much I went out and bought Dark Places. I loved this one, too, but not quite as much.

Wow! April was a fabulous reading month for me. I hope to repeat that again in May.

On the Blog

The big news for Regular Rumination during March and April was that I moved to a self-hosted site. If you haven’t updated your feed readers, could you please change the links to I’ll be forwarding all the posts here from for now, but I’d like to get everyone updated if I can!

Read More/Blog More Poetry Event

I’ve really loved having a dedicated day to talk about poetry every month. In March, I discussed ways to find poetry around the web. A daily dose of poetry keeps me happy. In April, I discussed a few fairy tale poems that Kelly and I are reading together.

I posted a poem for most of the days in April, National Poetry Month. You can read all the poems I posted here.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, congratulations! Thank you for indulging me a little bit. I hope your case of the Mondays is minimal.

One thought on “March and April Round Up!

  1. LOL-I was getting a bit depressed there for a minute reading through your list of reads. Seemed as if the few I actually owned were all not too well received. But then you ended by loving Gillian Flynn, and I do have a couple of her books (though not Gone Girl), so there some hope for me yet. 😛

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