Sunday Salon: Post-readathon and the last week of National Poetry Month

I don’t know about you, but the day after Readathon has been pleasantly rainy and relaxing. I am finally feeling better. I had this cough for over a month and last week it became clear that it was not getting better, in fact it was getting worse. After going to the doctor and being diagnosed with bronchitis, I settled in for a weekend of antibiotics and rest. I came home from work on Friday and essentially passed out, sleeping for a couple hours, before waking up only to rest on the couch. I haven’t been this sick in a long time, so it’s been hard to make myself sit still and recover, but I’m finally there, thank goodness.

Today I have done a whole lot of nothing, except sit and read and watch many episodes of Supernatural, my current television obsession. I also needed a comfort read, so I’m rereading The Golden Compass, which I haven’t read in almost nine years. Falling back into that world has been lovely, but I’m a little annoyed that I can’t get Nicole Kidman out of my head. I don’t remember much from that abysmal movie, but I do remember Nicole Kidman and her creepy monkey. I have the lovely Everyman Library copy, which will be too heavy to take on the subway, so I think I’ll take my ereader and read some galleys. I have Gone Girl, which I started reading and really enjoyed. I’ve heard great things about it, so that will be my to and from work book. I’ve been in the mood for YA fantasy lately. Do you have any suggestions? I have Pandemonium to read and I’ve requested Hex Hall from the library.

This week is the last week of National Poetry Month! There will be a poem every day, just like the rest of the month, but Tuesday is also the April edition of the Read More/Blog More Poetry event! I hope you’ll consider participating. This month, the Mr. Linky will be hosted at Kelly’s blog. I also thought I’d give you some prompts, just in case you needed something to talk about:

1) Talk a little bit about National Poetry Month. Did you notice a lot of campaigns for National Poetry Month, either on the web or elsewhere? How visual was National Poetry Month for you? What did you think of the efforts? Do you have any suggestions?

2) Choose a poem and talk about it. What do you think about the poem? You don’t need to analyze it, though if that’s what you’d like to do you totally can, but just tell us how it makes you feel.

3) Where do you get your poetry? Last month I blogged about finding poetry on the web, from Twitter to blogs to other online poetry resources. Do you read poetry in books, primarily online, in magazines?

4) How do you think we can teach kids to love poetry?

Feel free to talk about whatever you like this Tuesday, but if you need some inspiration, there you go! I hope to see you here discussing poetry Tuesday.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Post-readathon and the last week of National Poetry Month

    1. Thank you! Last week in particular was awful. I really feel tons better today, though not 100%. Well enough to go to work and not be a nuisance with all my coughing!

  1. I’ve already started drafting my post for tomorrow. I WILLLLLLLLLLLLL participate instead of flaking out like the last two months. Though I’m afraid it will be on a downer note since I’m definitely not liking the Cohen collection. Ick. 🙂

    Feel better soon, Lu.

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