National Poetry Month – D. Nurkse (April 17)

I think I’ve mentioned that I love a short poem. I like long poems, but a very short poem that packs a punch will always steal my heart.

Psalm to Be Read with Closed Eyes

by D. Nurkse

Ignorance will carry me through the last days,
the blistering cities, over briny rivers
swarming with jellyfish, as once my father
carried me from the car up the tacked carpet
to the white bed, and if I woke, I never knew.


Don’t forget to participate in the Read More/Blog More Poetry Event for April! We’ll be sharing our monthly thoughts on poetry on Tuesday, April 24th. Post a favorite poem, talk about poetry, write a review of a book about poetry. As long as it’s about poetry, it counts!


8 thoughts on “National Poetry Month – D. Nurkse (April 17)

  1. I also like short poems that are powerful. I was wondering when he would snap out of his ignorance as I read the first lines. But some ignorance is bliss… Thanks.

    1. Heh. I suppose sometimes the point isn’t to show someone snapping out of their ignorance, but living in it, as you say, blissfully.

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