National Poetry Month – Heidi Mordhorst (April 4)

I love a simple play on form like this.

April Gale

by Heidi Mordhorst

Oh, how the wind howls,
howls the blossoms from the boughs;

Oh how the boughs bend,
bend and willow to the ground;

Oh, how the ground wells,
wells with blossoms blown to hills;

Oh, how the hills sound,
sound a whisper pink and loud.


One thought on “National Poetry Month – Heidi Mordhorst (April 4)

  1. My AP English teacher Facebooked me today. She is retiring at the end of the year, and so she is FBing some of her former students and asking her to “count her down” to retirement by sharing a poem with her. I shared “There is a community of the spirit” by Rumi, but I admit that’s only because I know Rumi and not because I knew the poem. But now that I’ve read the poem, I really love it, particularly the beginning.

    This is really just a roundabout way of saying that, though I don’t read much poetry, I can completely understand how the right poem at the right moment can be healing.

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