Bloggiesta 2012

It’s time to get my Bloggiesta on! I know I’m a bit late to the Bloggiesta party, but after moving my blog over to a self-hosted site, it’s time to do a lot of fixing up and reorganizing. I have a lot I need to get done this weekend, like scheduling posts and finally getting my act together. Consistency is the goal! I hope to get a head start on that through Bloggiesta.

Here is my extensive to-do list:


  • Get all National Poetry Month posts scheduled for April (13/30 posts)
  • Write my round up for March’s Read More/Blog More Poetry Event post and publish today
  • Write next month’s Read More/Blog More Poetry Event post
  • Catch up on reviews, even if that means minireviews!


  • Get my review directory updated and live
  • Add a subscribe button to my comments (just for you, Trish!)
  • Take a good hard look at my categories and tags. See what’s missing. Fix it!
  • Think about creating buttons I thought about it, I’m not going to do it
  • Have a dedicated page for long-term reading projects, like The Classics Club and Read-the-World
  • GoodReads widget?
  • Work on SEO and Google Analytics install


  • Visit other Bloggiesta-participating blogs
  • Participate in a Bloggiesta Twitter chat
  • Comment on all the blogs in my blog roll
  • Comment on all the participants of the Read More/Blog More March event


  • Read some books, specifically Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Chime by Franny Billingsley and Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi
  • Create a reading list for April


  • Figure out a favicon!
  • Decide if this background is really doing it for you. If not, pick another background.


  • New post ideas
  • Blogging projects?

So those are my goals for Bloggiesta! We don’t have a lot planned for this weekend, just some grocery shopping, so I should have plenty of time to get most of this done. Now, let’s get down to business!

(How many of you said, “To defeat the Huns” in your mind? That’s why we’re friends.)



35 thoughts on “Bloggiesta 2012

  1. congrats on the new self-hosted site!

    your prep for poetry month listing reminded me “oh, yeah! April=Poetry Month” I always land in the middle of it and think, I should have planned something… I need to put things on calendars, like I would do w/ birthdays. do you do that? like: so-and-so’s annual challenge will be coming up!–that sort of thing?

    good luck on your list and getting your site how you want it.

  2. I love how you split everything up like that. This is my first time, so I’m taking it slowly. Plus, I’ll be out of town tomorrow during the day. But I feel so productive. I spent almost all evening working on the blog, even though I got a late start like you.

    Feels good, but I still have a lot to do.

  3. oooh. You got some good ones on your list!
    I like your background, but maybe you could have one that’s got a small added design to it? Like just a light pattern? *suggestion*
    Your blog looks good though, yay for self-hosting!

    I just created some social media buttons for my site and the next on the list is a site-button XD

    Good luck with everything else you have to do!
    WOoo! Bloggiesta!


    1. Hi Faye! I’m not sure which background you saw, because I changed it about 100 times yesterday, but this is the one I’ve settled on now and it has a little pattern in it!

      Congrats on getting your social media buttons done! Have a great bloggiesta 🙂

  4. wow! You’re self-hosting – wow. cool. I like your clean look. Aren’t categories just a chore!? Mine are a mess. And they don’t like to be fixed, in my opinion.

    1. Thank you, Care! I hate categories. And SEO. And Tags. BLECH. But, oh well. I guess I’ll like them much more once they’re organized 😉

  5. Good luck with your list, and congrats on self-hosting! Someday I’ll do that.
    Your Hun joke it and now I want to watch the movie!

    1. It was the task I was dreading the most, but a combination of not having reviewed much in the last year or so and updating the review directory with more regularity than I thought really helped me out. Thanks!

  6. Ahh I love how even your post is organised! Fantastic! Absolutely love you’re celebrating National Poetry Month, I signed up for an email that sends a poem to my inbox every day this month. 🙂 I like how your Organization list is all checked off. I enjoyed Chime a lot so I hope you will too. I didn’t really enjoy Delirium but loved its sequel. Mr. Fox is also on my TBR. Good luck with the rest!

    1. It’s great to hear that you’re going to be getting poems every day this month. I love it! I’m really looking forward to Chime and I’m glad to hear you say that you like Pandemonium best. I LIKE Delirium, but I don’t love it. So we’ll see how I feel about Delirium! Thanks for your well-wishes!

      1. Thanks! That was a suggestion from another blogger. Gotta love Bloggiesta! And my job here is done if you have I’ll Make A Man Out of You stuck in your head 😉

  7. I see you’ve made good progress on your list – congrats! Wasn’t the twitter party fun? I really enjoyed it.

    p.s. I feel very sheepish admitting this, but I have followed you on twitter since… ever, but I didn’t follow your posts until just now. Forgive? I shall be here more often in the future. *grin*

    1. Hi Cecilia! Well, then I must sheepishly admit that I just began following you on Twitter. Oh well, friends now? I’ll be checking your twitter and your blog more regularly now! 😀

  8. Looks like you got a lot accomplished during Bloggiesta, your Goodreads widget looks great. Congratulations on your new self-hosted blog, and best of luck with National Poetry Month!

  9. I moved my blog to a self-hosted site on Friday. LOVE the freedom it gives me, but the recreating/reorganizing that came with it made for a massive weekend project…that won’t be done this weekend. Good thing I have all these posts to come back to!

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