March – Read More/Blog More Poetry Event

Like I said last night in my hastily prepared reminder post about this month’s event, March has completely flown by. I feel woefully unprepared for this post today. I haven’t read much poetry in March, just a few snippets here and there when the mood struck.

Then it hit me: I can read snippets of poetry because I know where to find it. I have it delivered to me daily so that if my day isn’t going my way, I know there is a poem in my inbox waiting for me to have five minutes or so of peace. I needed those five minutes today yesterday. So for this month’s post, I’d like to show you where I get my daily dose of poetry.

Yesterday, I was frustrated. Even now I don’t remember what was frustrating me, but at that exact moment I received in my gmail inbox the poem “Song After Sadness” by Katie Ford. The Academy of American Poets has a Poem-A-Day email newsletter. There is only a poem, nothing more. Sometimes I read them every day in one week. Sometimes I keep them unread for a moment when I really need those five minutes. The poem today calmed my frustrations. It’s beautiful, tender, and, yes, sad, but it was just the distraction I needed. You can sign up for your own moment of daily poetry zen at the Academy of American Poets website.

I also follow many poets, poetry magazines and poetry-linking folks on Twitter. I find this to be a good way to catch a poem when I’m not actually looking for one.

@poetry_daily is just what it sounds like. A poem a day, right to your twitter feed. You can also play along at their website.

@POETSorg is the Twitter account for the Academy of American Poets.

@poetshouse is a poetry library located in NYC, but I actually didn’t know that until I started putting together this list. I just follow them for their awesome 140 character poetry quotes.

@harriet_poetry is the official Twitter account for the Poetry Foundation’s blog. Every so often, it is managed by a new poet. This time around, Sarah Larsen is tweeting.

@poetrymagazine is the official Twitter for, well, Poetry Magazine. I get Poetry Magazine delivered every month and it’s one of my favorite days of the month to see it in my mailbox. They mostly tweet lines from poems with the links to the full poems.

@poetryfound is the Twitter account for the publisher of @poetrymagazine. They publish links to articles and poetry.

While we’re on the subject, the Poetry Foundation is probably my favorite website to look for random poetry and to read about poetry. Their blog is smart and accessible, even to the casual poetry reader. You can also search for poems by topic. I find this to be incredibly useful and entertaining.

Another trick I’ve found is I carry a copy of Poetry Magazine in my bag with me at all times. If I don’t have time to really get into the novel I’m reading, I read a couple poems instead. If I’m waiting in line or I just have to go one or two stops on the subway, a poem or two is the perfect companion.

Somewhat unrelated, but I think this is the funniest poetry tweet I’ve read.

As you can see, I’ve made a new button! The other one was rather hastily put together and I like this one much better. Feel free to use whichever you prefer! Please sign up in the Mr. Linky using your March Read More/Blog More Poetry Event post.

This month, we have a surprise! Kelly was offered a giveaway for a book of poetry by famous director Ethan Coen called The Day the World Ends. I have read Ethan Cohen’s poetry in the past and, well, let’s just say you won’t be bored! It’s sure to be fascinating. If you participate this month or if you participated in January or February you will be automatically entered to win. Yay! We’ll draw a winner on Friday when we do the review post.


10 thoughts on “March – Read More/Blog More Poetry Event

  1. I find that the poem a day is particularly good in April, for national poetry month! I’m also giving away the Coen volume, although haven’t announced it yet, so please don’t enter me.

  2. I have added my link and thank you for that great list of poetry resources. I was offered a copy of The Day The World Ends by the publisher so please leave me out of the give-away!

  3. This is the post I did celebrating world poetry day & which I’ve covered for the last 2 years, it features about 7 poets from around this globe.

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