A few changes (and a reminder!)

Please, update your feed readers!

That’s right, I’ve made the leap. I decided to move Regular Rumination from a wordpress.com to a self-hosted site. I’m now the very proud owner of a blog at regularrumination.com. This has been a long time coming, though I wasn’t sure I was ever going to make the leap. The time seemed right, though. With Michael’s help, I finally got this set up over the weekend. The hardest part was choosing a theme (and then making it look the way I wanted). For the time being, the wordpress.com site will redirect here.

Thank you for joining me on this next part of the journey. I’m excited for good things to come in the rest of 2012.

Once again, the month has completely flown by. I didn’t even realize that the post for this month’s Read More/Blog More Poetry event is tomorrow until earlier this afternoon when Kelly emailed me! I know I promised that I would be more diligent about reminding you but March simply got away from me. I hope you’ll be able to participate tomorrow! If not, please feel free to participate later in the week. As long as you sign up on the Mr. Linky before Friday, I’ll link back to your post. This month I will be hosting the Mr. Linky.


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