January Roundup — Read More/Blog More Poetry Event

I’m thrilled to announce that we had an excellent turn out for the first month of the Read More/Blog More Poetry Event! I’m so glad that everyone took the time to participate in this month’s event and it was amazing to see so many people posting about poetry on their blogs. I just can’t stop smiling! Part of the goal of this event is to make the blogs that are posting about poetry more visible, so my lovely co-host Kelly and I decided to do a detailed roundup of all the participating blogs each month!


Kelly went through some of the poems on the list that started it all and talked about each one. I loved reading her reactions!

I chose the first month of the event to talk about why poetry is so important to me.


Lizzy Siddal @ Lizzy’s Literary Life shared the poem ‘The Book of my Enemy Has Been Remaindered’ by Clive James. He is an Australian author that also tied in with Australia Literature Month.

Serena @ Saavy Verse & Wit shared the Naked Muse 2012 Calendar. It is a great way to see poets for who they really are.

Jeanne @ Necromancy Never Pays shared the poem ‘The Idea of Order at Key West’ by Wallace Stevens.

Jillian @ A Room of One’s Own wrote all about Emily Dickinson. She considers Emily her favorite poet to-date and shares a biography and a list of poems she has read by her.

Julie @ Read Handed decided to share her favourite poetry books in her post.

The Parrish Lantern shared the book The Best British Poetry 2011 and the poem ‘Three Wishes’ by Kate Potts.

Unfinished Person shared a poem she wrote herself, simply titled ‘Poem.’

Care @ Care’s Online Book Club shared a poem that she wrote herself that is about her day and bread baking.

Gavin @ Page247 posted the poem “A Note” by Wislawa Szymborska, who passed away on February 1, 2012.

Snowball @ Come, Sit By the Hearth shared some of her experiences taking poetry classes in graduate school.

Carrie @ Books and Movies reposted a review of Wendell Berry’s Collected Poems.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity responded to all my prompts. Impressive!

Debbie @ ExUrbanis posted about Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

kaye @ The Road Goes Ever Ever On posted Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Paul Revere’s Ride.

Sara C @ Wordy Evidence of the Fact wrote a review of Kingdom of the Instant by Rodney Jones.

Josh’s Mom/Sue @ Grief Journey to Reading Journey wrote about how poetry helps her process her grief. She shared a poem she wrote called “No Answer.”

Thank you so much, everyone, for participating! See you in February! The Mr. Linky will be hosted by Kelly and we will be posting on February 28th.

8 thoughts on “January Roundup — Read More/Blog More Poetry Event

    1. I’m sorry Jillian!! Kelly wrote the summary of your post and when I copied-and-pasted from her email I accidentally left yours off! It is back now, though!

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