ABCs of Thankfulness

Starting in 2009, I began following the tradition of the ABCs of Thankfulness. I’m thankful for lots of things, so why not address them all here on the blog every year? It looks like I originally found this on Trish’s blog (thank you Trish for helping me start a Thanksgiving tradition!). So if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today in the USA, you celebrated it a few weeks ago in Canada, or you’re just enjoying your Thursday, join in me the ABCs of saying thank you to all the things that make life as amazing as it is.

Apple, the Big. Thanks for being such an interesting place, for being an awesome place with amazing food and amazing things to do.

Bloggers. As much as I love blogging, it wouldn’t mean nearly as much without all the other bloggers out there. Thank you!

Cranberry sauce. I used to avoid this stuff like the plague. Then I tasted the salty-sweet goodness on my turkey and I realized what I had been missing. Thanks for being delicious, cranberry sauce. Even when you come from a can. (Yup, even when you come from a can!)

Dresses. Thank you dresses, for not being pants.

Early mornings. Even though I like my sleep, I’m grateful for the quiet peace of early mornings and the productiveness of getting up early.

Food. Thank you good food, for nourishing my body. Thank you for a little indulgence on the holidays.

Gym. Pilates, boxing, spin class. I’m thankful for the motivation to go and the great way I feel when I’m done. Like they say, no one’s ever regretted exercising, but you sure regret not exercising.

Hermione. Because before Hermione, I’d never seen anyone in a book quite like me before. Bushy hair, weird teeth, and a little bossy. Yup, sounds about right. Thank you, Hermione.

Icing. The icing, when done right, is the very best part! Thank you icing for being delicious.

Journals. I haven’t regularly kept a journal in a while, but thank you journals for being a way to jump back into past-Leslie. Thanks for being a place to write my thoughts.

Knitting and crochet. Thanks for keeping my hands busy while I watch Vampire Diaries.

Love. I’m so thankful for all the love in my life.

Music. Thanks for making long hours doing work pass a little bit quicker. Thanks for being a beautiful, meaningful distraction!

Niceness. I’m thankful for everyone I encounter who is nice. Thanks for being nice, nice people!


Click for gif action! Need I say more? I’m thankful for owl gifs.

Pals. I’m so thankful for my friends!

Questions. I am thankful that my Q&A Journal asks me questions every day and that I’m comfortable with all sorts of questions and questioning.

Relatives. Thanks, relatives, for being so lovable.

Stories. I’m so grateful for all the stories I’ve been fortunate enough to read or hear.

Tomorrow. I’m thankful for all the promise and opportunity tomorrow always brings.

Ululation. I’m thankful of words like ululation, because they sound so cool.

Verse. It’s no secret that I love poetry! I’m so thankful for everything poetry and verse have bought me.

Words. Thank you words, for making up poetry and novels and newspaper articles and stories and all the good things that come from the written word.

Xylomancy. Another cool word, but one that’s symbolic in my life. I’m thankful words can have that power.

Yarn stores! I’m so thankful for my amazing yarn store. It’s a joy to go in every time, even though I always end up spending way too much money!

Z, love of my life. I’m so thankful for you.

8 thoughts on “ABCs of Thankfulness

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I love your list (especially the part about dresses! Amen sister! I hardly ever wear jeans anymore…) and hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

  2. I’m so glad you liked the idea enough to make it a tradition! I’m going to start doing this around the Thanksgiving table next year. We said what we were thankful for this year, but we didn’t do as much as I wanted like the alphabet helps you do!

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