23 for 23

Saturday was my birthday. Last year, I wrote a list of 22 things I would like to accomplish before I turn 22. After my birthday, I wrote them down on a list and put it up on my wall next to my desk. I saw it every day, and while some of those things eventually got crossed off because they didn’t make much sense anymore, a lot of them stuck around. I ended up accomplishing a lot of my goals, as you saw yesterday. Today, I have 23 Things I Would Like to Accomplish Before I Turn 24. Now, they aren’t things I need to accomplish, but simply want. I’m not above failing to realize where I need to be; I think I’ve proven that enough in my life. But setting out with some goals for the year gives me a little focus. A lot of focus and I end up getting stressed out, but a little bit of focus that is Goldilocks-just-right makes my year just a little bit more productive and enjoyable.

1. Translate a book of poetry from Spanish to English. This is my new thesis plan.

2. Write more. With NaNoWriMo helping me write more, I’m remembering why I love it.

3. Move that body! Walking around the city, pilates, spin class, boxing. Keep moving!

4. Eat more veggies, especially salad! I get so sick of salad! But it’s one of the easiest ways to get good-for-you and delicious veggies. So I need to come up with some new salad ideas.

5. Reduce the number of things I own. Books, clothes, etc. As I lose weight, I’ve been getting rid of clothes that don’t fit me anymore by giving them away. I’m also trying to get rid of the books I read and don’t want to keep. Also, other things.

6. Perfect the Curly Girl method. So. This book. It’s a book we sell at work and there was one left over in our “free help yourself” bin. So I grabbed it and it’s kind of changing my life. I want to start making this part of my daily routine.

7. Find a better way to display my books in our tiny apartment. We have these amazing Ikea desks, which offer a TON of storage for books, but not a ton of display space. I have been saving my money and buying nice copies of the books I love, like hardbacks of my favorite graphic novels and physical copies of books I know I’ll want to keep. But what’s the point of owning these nice things if I’m not going to make them easily accessible or put them on display?

8. Save more money. Develop a budget. Pay closer attention to Mint.

9. Go full gluten free. I’ve been gluten free for a little while, but I cheat a lot (and then pay for it with a stomach ache). I do not have Celiacs and my doctor didn’t really think that this would change anything dietary, but it really did. Whenever I eat gluten in large amounts, like a sandwich or a piece of cake, I do get sick to my stomach. I don’t have to worry about small amounts, like trace amounts in spices or oats, but I really want to stop eating large amounts.

10. Get crafty! I like to create things, but I haven’t done too much outside of crochet for the past few years. So I’d really like to use my Pinterest account for some inspiration.

11. VITAMINS. I spent a lot of money on vitamins a couple weeks ago and I have been horrible about taking them. I need to do better! Especially with the fish oil, which will help with the Curly Girl.

12. Volunteer. Self-explanatory, yes? Perhaps at a library?

13. Explore more freelance options. I’ve done a few freelance jobs in the past few months and I’ve really enjoyed it, because often they’re writing or editing.

14. Take a class. About something. I miss school! Sort of. I don’t mind coming home and not having homework, but I do miss learning things. Maybe I could take a late night class once a week.

15. Travel to a new city I’ve never been to before. I want to try and do this once a year, every year, at the very least.

16. Get a massage. I’ve never had a professional massage and it’s just something I’d like to treat myself to. And it’s an easy goal to accomplish!

17. Keep up my new Q&A A Day journal. This journal asks you one question a day. Each question has five spots for an answer, so each year you loop through again, seeing how your life has changed.

18. Keep things simple. 

19. Be more organized! So many simple stresses could be solved if I could just be a little bit more organized. At least I keep telling myself this.

20. Go with the flow. I get stressed out easily. I feel my brow furrow and I get upset at myself for letting things get to me, which adds more stress. Recently, I’ve just started trying to let things go. Just let them go right on out the window and out of my life. When things don’t go as planned, I should think of it as an adventure, not a failure. This is a life-long goal.

21. Don’t buy the cheapest. So it might seem like this is going against some of my other goals, but it’s not. A lot of times I buy what is cheapest so I can buy more things, whether it is clothing or housewares or anything else, but I also want to buy things that last. Saving my money and buying something that will last a little longer and be an investment will keep me motivated to budget and also keep me happier with the things I have. I also should realize that more expensive does not always mean better. I need to do my research.

22. Do at least one thing I’m scared of. 

23. Always, forever, be thankful and grateful for my health, my life, and the love in my life. 


9 thoughts on “23 for 23

  1. As far as #4 goes…I’m not huge into salads, so I get most of my veggies via soup! I can throw in whatever I want and it magically all tastes good. 😉 I also really like roasting veggies, as I think I mentioned to in an e-mail. So yes, I’ve learned over the years that I strongly prefer my vegetables cooked.

  2. Oh #21~ It has so been part of my mantra for the past several years. I grew up only buying from the Clearance rack, and though I still relish a good bargain, I’m trying to wean myself off the thrill of buying cheap for cheap’s sake. There is sometimes (but certainly not always) such a thing as paying for the quality stuff. Good list overall – happy birthday and good luck!

  3. I love that Q&A journal! I’ve never heard of it before, but it sounds so fantastic.

    And once again, I love the idea of these goals. I might have to do something similar for my birthday. 🙂

  4. Fantastic post, and fantastic list. Many of these things are on my own list… year after year. Hmm. What does that say about my stick-to-it-ness? Oh well. I’m sure you’ll do MUCH better than I. 🙂

  5. All great goals! We have a lot of the same goals actually. My 22nd birthday is right around the corner so I might steal this idea for that day. 🙂

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