BBAW – Guest Post

I have a guest post up at the BBAW blog! Ever wonder how you could turn your book blog into a publishing career? Me too! But somehow I did it. Find out how I got here in my post: From Book Blogger to Book Profession: In Which I Mostly Talk About How Awesome & Passionate Book People Are.


4 thoughts on “BBAW – Guest Post

  1. Loved your post! Your story fascinates me because one of these days, I want to make the jump to New York and try to get into publishing at some angle. I love teaching but have always wanted to work in that industry. Thanks so much for giving me a bit of hope since I’m a. not 20-something b. not an intern. 🙂

  2. You are living my DREAM. I went to school for business and am currently working in marketing and I feel so unfulfilled in what I’m marketing…I just don’t care about it. I want to be working in publishing and pimping out books. THAT would make me happy and my passion for it would make even the crappiest tasks of t he job seem ok to me. Any pointers? I’ve been discouraged thus far because people say it’s so hard to get into!

  3. I read your post and it was so incredible… like Jamie said above, you are living my dream. My friends always laugh at my overload of books (I usually warn them before they step into my library!). They say why dont you do this full time and I always say if I could find a way to do this as a job I would! Love my book relationships, chatting to authors, publishers, and other bloggers!

  4. Lu–I loved your post! I knew that you were interning and that you had received a job offer but I didn’t know all the details. What an amazing story! And so well-deserved.

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