Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week, everyone! This is my third year participating in BBAW and it’s one of my favorite times to be a book blogger. Why? Because it’s one of the biggest and most loved celebrations of everything book blogger. Anyone can participate, whether you’ve been blogging for five minutes or five years. Every day during Book Blogger Appreciation Week there is a topic for us to blog about. Today is all about celebrating community, the most important part of BBAW. Today we’re asked to put the spotlight on some of the blogs that have made blogging a unique experience for you, whether they’re our mentors, our closest friends, or our inspiration. There are so many people that I want to honor here, so I hope you know that if I haven’t listed you, it isn’t because you aren’t continually an inspiration for me. I promise you, you are.

My Fellow Students

I know I’m technically only a student in the loosest sense of the word, since I’m not attending class anymore, but here are the bloggers that I’ve connected with because we’re going through college or graduate school and keeping a blog:

Kim @ Sophisticated Dorkiness – Kim has also moved on from graduate school, but I think between the two of us we could write a book on how to be both a productive student and a productive blogger (only on the good weeks).

Ash @ English Major’s Junk Food – I was originally drawn to Ash’s blog because I, too, was an English major, before I switched to a Spanish major. Ash talks about school, books and everything in between and I love her blog.

Ana/Nymeth @ things mean a lot – Ana is finishing up her dissertation in library science. She’s one of the smartest, most talented bloggers I know and she was totally amazing at going to school and blogging at the same time.

Clare @ The Literary Omnivore – Clare is a college student who blogs at The Literary Omnivore and her blog truly is omni-voracious, with reviews spanning Disney movies, comics, novels and more.

My First Blogging Friends

These are the people that commented on my blog in the first month and stuck around to keep up the conversation over these three years. Thank you!

Rebecca @ Book Lady’s Blog – Rebecca is one of the few bloggers I’ve actually met in person! She’s feisty and smart and has lots of great things happening on her blog.

Daphne @ somewhere i have never travelled – Daphne posts about such a wide variety of things; I love reading her blog! Especially all her adventures with pets, her new home and all the fabulous books she reads.

Eva @ A Striped Armchair – Eva and I go way back! I think her blog was one I commented on first. I think my exact words were, “Can we be friends?” Fortunately, now we are! Eva reads such a wide variety of books, I guarantee you haven’t heard of a lot of them! I’m always finding something new to read on her blog.

Care @ Care’s Online Book Club – There are just so many things to love about Care, from the hand-written notes she’s sent me in the mail when I was interviewing for jobs to all her hilarious posts, Care’s been a lovely blogging friend to have.

Chris @ stuff as dreams are made on – Chris reads such interesting books and got me totally hooked on books for the RIP challenge. But most of all, Chris made me feel at home in the blogging community. He’s also growing an amazing garden and reading such inspirational books about life and nature.

The Blogs that Inspire Me Every Day

Amanda @ Ramblings – Amanda is such an inspiration! She is always reinventing herself and doing a fabulous job of it. She’s an inspiration both as a blogger and as a person.

Emily @ Family Trunk Project & Evening All Afternoon – Emily is always inspiring me with how brilliant she is. Seriously. And her knitting! So so beautiful. Emily, I’m always afraid I don’t comment on your blog enough to tell you how awesome you are.

Trish @ Love, Laughter & Insanity – Trish is always inspiring me to write more about myself and infuse more of myself into my blog. I love that! And I love what Trish, the beautiful new mom with a beautiful daughter and family, has done with her blog.

I can’t thank all of you enough for being here and making Regular Rumination such an important part of my life. There are so many people who have touched my life because of blogging, it would be impossible to list them all. I hate that I had to leave people off this list. I hope everyone finds a new-to-them blogger or reconnects with someone!


40 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week

  1. *hugs* Happy BBAW, Lu! We’re only a few weeks into the week and I already miss everyone more than ever. I can’t wait to be able to come back for good.

  2. Lu Darling! Aw, so sweet of you to say such nice things! AND to put me in such amazing company. Actually, I don’t know a few of these bloggers so now I am off to discover new beauties. THANK YOU for being a treasured part of my blogging and reading life. I know that I can blame you for many books on my tbr. Happy BBAW

    1. I can’t wait for BEA this year! I’m actually going for work (which I’m super excited about…) but I can’t wait to meet everyone!!!!

  3. Oh Lu, you brought tears to my eyes! Seriously. Every day I’m grateful that even though I’m not really a book blogger anymore that you all still embrace me and support the new ventures. And I’m so thrilled that you are infusing a bit of personal into your blogging–it’s wonderful to get to know the people we’ve known through blogging, huh? Hugs. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I was just commenting on another blog about how I’ve missed your blog before today and it seems everyone else loves it! I am definitely going to be reading from now on.

  4. You’re so sweet 🙂 You know I can still remember reading your blog for the first time 🙂 Doesn’t happen that often with me…but I knew I had found a special blog right away!! Glad to see you still blogging years later 🙂

  5. Oh my, this post had me smiling from start to finish. This may be the best blogging day of the year, getting to read about all the lovely friendships born from blogging. 🙂

    1. Doesn’t it just feel like the best day? I seriously feel like a little kid getting Christmas presents. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. ❤ *hugs!*

  6. You have some of my favorites there in that list! There are also some I haven’t “met” yet, which I shall remedy. I hope you’re having a wonderful BBAW!

  7. I’ve come over from another site (I’ve lost track of which one because I had about 20 tabs open!). I love clicking open a site and seeing a familiar picture from Twitter! I’ve meant for ages to visit everyone’s blogs but just didn’t have a chance. Luckily, BBAW seems to be linking me up to the same people and I’m getting my chance after all! I’m glad to have finally stopped by!

    1. Isn’t that so funny?! I know there are bloggers that I’ve connected with on Twitter, but I don’t read their blogs! I’m glad you eventually found me and I’ll go over to check your blog out, too 🙂

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