Comic-A-Week 16-22 – Castle Waiting by Linda Medley

Finally. This is why I’m doing this, guys. Not so I can read a mediocre comic a week, but so I can read an awesome comic a week. Castle Waiting did that for me. I loved every page of this comic.

Castle Waiting begins as a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, but that ends once the princess is woken by the prince. Feeling lost, confused, and just a little betrayed by their princess, her handmaidens decide to stay at the castle after the princess leaves with her new love. The castle becomes known as Castle Waiting, a mythical home for the weary who need a place to take them in. So we meet our young protagonist, pregnant and without a home. Her father once told her of the magical Castle Waiting and so she finds her way there and immediately falls in love with all who live there.

Castle Waiting is wonderful. Broken up into vignettes, we are told various stories about the inhabitants of Castle Waiting, though there are still quite a bit of mysteries that I hope are cleared up in the second volume. The bulk of the book is taken up by a story about a bearded lady’s convent. Yes, bearded ladies. Oh, it is wonderful. The art is whimsical and perfect for the story.

I loved Medley’s humor, her characters and her art. Which I believe makes the perfect combination for a delightful comic!

So go read this!: now | tomorrow | next week | next month | next year | when you’ve exhausted your TBR pile

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7 thoughts on “Comic-A-Week 16-22 – Castle Waiting by Linda Medley

  1. What is wrong with me??? Everyone in the whole world loved this comic but me! And it looks like exactly something I should love but I just didn’t get into it at all.

  2. I’m so glad you loved it! You already know how much I adore this book. 🙂 I can’t wait for volume two; I’ve been obsessively checking my library requests list, waiting for the day when it showas as In Transit.

  3. CLEARLY, next time I am anywhere near a shelf of graphic novels, I need to GRAB THIS ONE and read it asap. It sounds right up my alley! Oh, fairy tales 🙂 Also, love the title Castle Waiting.

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