Looking back at 2010

One great thing about having a blog is that I can go back and look at my resolution post for New Years and see how I did.  So how did my 2010 compare to the great visions I had for it 12 months ago?  Let’s find out.  (I realize that this might be one of those posts that’s only interesting or useful for me.  I won’t be offended if you skip over it!)

I had 10 goals in 2010 (I’m so clever.):

1) Healthier equals happier. Yeah, I think I accomplished this.  Back in January 2010 I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my whole life and even though I haven’t lost all that much weight, I’m slowly (oh so slowly) making this part of my life better.

2) Spending does not always equal happier. I need to do better with this one!  Since Spain I’ve been trying to build back up some savings.

3) Stress-free equals happier. I did pretty well managing my stress at the beginning of the year and over the summer, but this holiday season has been particularly stressful for whatever reason.  I try to remind myself every day not to let the little things stress me out, but I could be doing better (not that that needs to add another stress on my life).

4) Read more classics!  Read 15 classics published before 1970.  FAIL.  I read 3.

5) Use challenges as a way to focus reading, to read more books by women, by people of color, by authors from different countries. Well, even though I gave up all my challenges, I still did an excellent job.  Of all my reading, I had almost a 50/50 split between men and women and over 50% of my books were written by a POC author or featured a prominent POC character.  I do want to read more books in translation and from different countries in 2011.

6) Find more of a balance between the genres of fiction, non-fiction, recently published and older novels, YA and middle grade. This sort of happened organically.  I read a lot more non-fiction and a lot less YA this year, two things I wanted to accomplish.  (Not because I don’t love YA, but just because I wanted my reading to be more balanced.)  I also read more recently published novels.

7) Read more poetry & 8) Read more short stories. Both of these were failures.  I did read some poetry, but not enough in my book and I read barely any short stories.

9) Find more time in my life for things like crocheting and cooking healthy meals. Win!  I actually read a lot less books this year than last year and I’m totally okay with that, because I’ve been crocheting and cooking a lot.  I’m also on my way to finishing my first knitted scarf.

10) Write more. I’m going to do this.  Really, I am.  I didn’t in 2010, but… I will in 2011!

So…um… 4.5/10.  But this isn’t a numbers game – overall, 2010 was a great year and I’m so pleased with the goals I did accomplish.  Besides, I can’t be perfect. I have to have  some goals for 2011, right?

Enjoy your New Years Eve, kids.  Check back in 2011 for my new New Years Resolutions!


11 thoughts on “Looking back at 2010

  1. yay for crocheting and knitting! I do know one or two knitters who claim they’ve figured out how to read and knit at the same time, but that just sounds stressful to me.

  2. I tallied up my 2010 goals and ended up with about a 58% grade over all…yeah not great. But not as bad as I expected either. I think you still did pretty good with those goals Lu, especially for making so many!

  3. If I set no reading goals will that mean I end the year having met 100% of them? What is 100% of 0?

    I started the year joining four challenges and running one. I met two of the four challenges. The one I ran was fun at first but got old after six months or so. This year, I’ve not signed up for any challenges yet, but I’m running two. Both will be over by the end of May which I think will work. I think month long challenges are a good idea. I can get behind a challenge that takes only a month or two. Much more reasonable than a year-long challenge if you ask me.

  4. I didn’t make much progress on much of my 2010 goals, except the big one: Buy A House. So I figure that sort of makes up for all the rest of them. Great job on the reading! I hate trying to structure my reading. I prefer to gently guide. But sometimes this leads me into not-so-great temptation.

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