Goodbye, for now.

This is the photo I have been using for my banner recently, a Creative Commons licensed photograph by Flickr user edsalked, and it is of Granada, Spain.   Why, you ask?  Well, because this Monday I’m packing up and heading to Spain to take a month-long intensive language course.  I’m going to begin writing my thesis in a few months and I wanted both the experience of short-term living abroad and the opportunity to bring my language skills up a notch.  I will be living with a family and taking the class at the University of Granada.  I’ve been to Spain before for a vacation, but we traveled  primarily in  northern Spain, so I’m excited to explore the southern part of the country.

Right now, I’m nervous.  I’m nervous about going alone and I’m nervous about the entrance exam I have to take.  I’m nervous about flying and about packing and forgetting something.  I’m trying to forget everything I’m worried about and just be excited, and I think that will take over once I finally get there.

So this blog is going to be pretty quiet for the next month.  I’m trying to avoid English as much as possible, except for phone calls home to my family and boyfriend, so you won’t hear from me for a while.  I won’t be reading in English, but will probably be rereading 2666 in Spanish (an unfortunately heavy book to take on your carry-on), Distant Star, also by Roberto Bolaño and one other book in Spanish I picked up today.

I’ll see you in November!


20 thoughts on “Goodbye, for now.

  1. Have BIG fun! (and my lil advice is to not attempt to forget your nerves/fear but to work thru and with it, easier on the psyche, really.) You’ll be GREAT!!! Enjoy the experience and we will eagerly anticipate hearing about it all! woo hoo

  2. Have a wonderful time! The language course sounds intense, and a chance to spend a month in Granada and explore the country is just so exciting. I’m sure you will do well. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. If I knew how to say “bon voyage” in Spanish, I certainly would! I’m sure you will have a blast and will learn and see so much. Don’t stress about the packing – anything you should forget you can certainly get there. Just enjoy the experience!

  4. Wow, how exciting Lu! I didn’t know you were heading off to do this until just now; I hope it wasn’t because I missed a post or something and should have 🙂 Anyway, I hope you have a ton of fun and enjoy reading and learning more Spanish. Like other people said, I can’t wait to hear about it!

  5. Oh wow! I understand the intensivity (is that a word, intensiveness, maybe?) of a move abroad and studying in a foreign environment. I do hope you will like it! Good luck!

  6. Oh, Lu! Good for you, girl! I’m so excited for you! Now is the BEST time to take on this kind of adventure! I hope you love every single moment of your experience! Take lots and lots of photos so we can live vicariously through you when you return! Be safe!

  7. Ahhhh–my little sister studied at the University in Granada a few years ago. Wonder if you’ll be doing the same program. She LOVED it as I’m sure you will, too. Have so much fun Lu!

  8. Studying abroad, and immersing yourself in the language and culture of Spain will be a life-altering experience. I hope you enjoy every minute of your time in Granada (and that you’ll be able to poke around other places, too). Have fun!!!

  9. You will be absolutely fine! Buena suerte y tiene muy divertido! (hope that means what I think it means, lol)

    Tacque muchos muchos fotos!

    I’m so beyond jealous. What an amazing experience. We will miss you 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness — how exciting! I had no idea you were embarking on this journey, but I’m stoked for you. Hope things go/are going well. I love Spanish and studied it for years, though I haven’t had many occasions to whip it out lately. So, just for you…

    ¡Ten un buen aventura, mi amiga! Hasta pronto. ¡Mis pensamientos contigo!

    (I had to cheat and look up “thoughts” on Google Translate, but trust that the sentiment is genuine!)

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