First Treasure – New to Me Book Blogs

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is here!  If you didn’t participate last year, BBAW is basically one week of the year when we all give each other virtual hugs and tell each other how awesome we are.  At least, that’s what I did last year!

The first day of BBAW is all about highlighting a new-to-you book blog that you have discovered since last year.  Sometimes I think it is easy to get stuck in your little corner of the blogosphere and never venture out.  Hopefully during BBAW this year I’ll find even more great blogs and new friends.  Since last year, though, the best new book blog I discovered (actually through a post by Eva) is Reading & Reviewing.  Run by Karen Elizabeth, R&R has one of the most unique concepts for a book blog I’ve ever seen.  Yes, she reviews books, but she also turns those book reviews into their own piece of art.  With each review, Karen Elizabeth includes a photograph of herself and the novel illustrating some aspects of the book.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Beyond her beautiful photography, Karen Elizabeth’s reviews are insightful and well-written.  Hopefully I’ve convinced you that Reading & Reviewing is a book blog you need to have in your blog roll!

10 thoughts on “First Treasure – New to Me Book Blogs

  1. I haven’t heard of Reading & Reviewing but I’m off to find out what it’s all about. PS–it’s been a while since I’ve bloghopped but I really like the “new” look of your blog!

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