TSS – 25 July 2010

Currently reading:

Am I picking books based solely on their cover colors?  Possibly.  How about setting?  Also possible.  It’s been unbelievably hot and both of these books have quite chilly atmospheres, plus their cool blue covers.  I’m dreaming of cooler times.

Books reviewed this week:

I think I liked this one?  But I really have no idea.  I can’t tell if I have no feelings about it or ambivalent ones.  But other folks have loved it.  Click the photo to read my full review (if you can call that list a review…).

Things posted at At the Bridges this week:

Going somewhere?:

Welcome to Parismina!  We save the turtles.
We conserve nature… it is our future.

I might be going here in October.  I originally thought I would be going to Spain, but I’m beginning to lean toward a volunteer experience in Costa Rica, Peru or the Galapagos Islands!

Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “TSS – 25 July 2010

  1. I want to read the two books you’re reading! And I think cover colours are as good a reason as any 😉

    I’m selfishly sad you might not be going to Spain (a bit harder to stalk you in those other places :P), but that does sound like a lovely experience.

  2. Ooooh, your vacation plans sound so awesome, Lu!! I can’t wait to see what you end up doing 🙂 Of course, a trip to New Orleans would be fun too, wouldn’t it? :p Glad to see you’re reading Her Fearful Symmetry!! Loved that one!

  3. Oooh, I hear ya about needing something to cool you down! I’ve had my eye on Her Fearful Symmetry. I almost picked up a cheap used copy the other day but when I went back for it, it was gone. 😦

    Hope you’re enjoying your summer, Lu!

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