Anne of Avonlea – LM Montgomery

You may remember that a few weeks ago, I read the first book in the Anne of Green Gables series and was completely enamored.  The first book was clever, funny, touching and sad all at once and was so readable.  I fell for Anne immediately and even though I didn’t love Anne of Avonlea as much as Anne of Green Gables, I still really enjoyed reading this book.

Anne is sixteen, teaching at the school and unexpectedly helping Marilla raise twins Davey and Dora after their mother, a distant relative of Marilla, dies.  Of course there are some silly moments when Anne, but now also Davy, make a mess of things.  There were more than a few occasions when I shook my head and muttered “Oh, Anne” out loud.

I love how Marilla and Anne have really grown into one another.  They are the perfect foils for each other, with Marilla completely no-nonsense and Anne so imaginative, they are the perfect balance.  With Anne’s help, Marilla has just a little bit more imagination and Anne can be just a little bit more serious.   I wasn’t sure how I felt about the twins at first, but eventually they grew on me (after Davy stopped trying to terrify his sister!).  Finally Anne starts talking to Gilbert… sort of.  So I’m looking forward to their budding relationship.

My roommate, who recommended these books to me and bought me the set for Christmas, made a good point.  She said that one of the reasons she loved  Anne so much was because she got to grow up with Anne.  Her favorite Anne books were always the ones when the characters were the same age as her.  She thinks that I will really like the next installment, where Anne is in her early twenties.  I’m looking forward to it and will be reading it in March!

Favorite quotes:

“Well, one  can’t get over the habit of being a little girl all at once,” said Anne gaily.  “You see, I was little for fourteen years and I’ve only been grown-uppish for scarcely three.  I’m sure I shall always feel like a child in the woods.  These walks home from school are almost the only time I have for dreaming… except the half hour or so before I go to sleep.  I’m so busy with teaching and studying and helping Marilla with the twins that I haven’t anothermoment for imagining things.  You don’t know what splendid adventures I have for a little while after I go to bed in the east gable every night.  I always imagine I’m something very brilliant and triumphant and splendid… a great prima donna or a Red Cross nurse or a queen.  Last night I was a queen.  It’s really splendid to imagine you are a queen.  You have all the fun of it without any of the inconveniences and you can stop being a queen whenever you want to, which you couldn’t in real life.  But here in the woods I like best to imagine quite different things… I’m a dryad living in an old pine, or a little brown wood-elf hiding under a crinkled leaf.  That white birch you caught me kissing is a sister of mine.   The only difference is, she’s a tree and I’m a girl, but that’s no real difference (75).”

“‘Anne,’ said Davy, sitting up in bed and propping his chin on his hands, ‘Anne, where is sleep?  People go to sleep every night, and of course I know it’s the place where I do the things I dream, but I want to know where it is and how I get there and back without knowing anything about it… and in my nighty too.  Where is it?’ (151)

“That is one good thing about this world… there are always sure to be more springs.” (215)

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15 thoughts on “Anne of Avonlea – LM Montgomery

  1. Ohh-I love it when Gilbert becomes more of a character! 🙂 It’s so fun watching you discover this series, since I grew up w/ it too. (I remember thinking Anne was so old in this one, hehe)

    1. Eva: I really can’t wait for the development of Gilbert. I could tell from the very beginning he is going to be a favorite of mine.

  2. Anne!!!!

    *gasp, breath,breath*


  3. I never really loved any of the other Anne books as much as I did the first one, though I do remember enjoying parts of Anne of the Island (the next one, I believe…) and Anne of Windy Poplars a good deal! It’s so much fun reading your thoughts on these books!

    1. Steph: Like I told Emily, this is the Year of Anne so you’ll get to see me read the whole series this year. I’m really looking forward to Anne of the Island. My roommate is convinced it is the one I will like the most!

  4. Oh, Anne! 🙂

    I have mixed feelings about the way Anne grows up, but I really agree with your observations here – I love the way the Anne/Marilla relationship unfolds, and the dynamic between Anne, Marilla, & Rachel Lynd. Just seeing the cover art again after all these years brings back such memories!

    1. Emily: I’m definitely glad that I’m getting to discover Anne this year. I’m reading one book a month, so I’m excited that 2010 has become the year of Anne!

  5. lol – what Jason said 😛 I’ve just finished the 4th, Anne of Windy Poplars, and it comforted me immensely. I have the impression it’s everyone’s least favourite, but I loved it. Maybe because that’s when Anne is in her mid-twenties? 😛

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