TSS – An Announcement

Good morning!  I hope you’re having a wonderfully lazy Sunday morning… or a productive one, if that’s how you roll.  That is definitely not  how I like to roll, but unfortunately that’s how it has to be this morning.  I’m heading back to school today, so I’m packing and getting ready for some long driving.  I’ve read a lot of great books this week, which will be reviewed… eventually.  I have been feeling very overwhelmed the past few days and I’m not sure why.  There’s nothing going on that’s particularly overwhelming, but I think it’s just the pre-school jitters.

Anyway!  I have some very exciting news.  After much planning and deliberating, Jason and I are finally ready to go public with our brand new challenge for 2010!  I know that you are already signed up for a billion challenges, but this one is really worth making it a billion and one.  A lot of bloggers have been talking about wanting to read more poetry and Jason and I decided that we should have a more inclusive challenge that incorporated more genres of poetry.  I started the VPR Poetry Challenge back in May, but it was only for  twentieth century poetry.  This challenge gives you a lot more room to explore different time periods and genres.   The challenge is called Clover, Bee & Reverie: A Poetry Challenge, after one of Emily Dickinson’s poems and I’m super excited about it!

Can I entice you with pretty buttons?

There might be some opportunities for mini-challenges and guest posts and who knows what other surprises along the way!  Head on over to the blog to sign up and we really can’t wait to see you there 😀


28 thoughts on “TSS – An Announcement

  1. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate this into my personal poetry challenge. 😀 Or maybe I’ll just discard mine and go with this one.

    I also love that first button.

  2. I’m in! I’ve already had a personal goal (since last year) to read more poetry; so it’s an easy decision to join this one even though I’m generally not a challenge type person. I’ll write this up on my blog soon –probably a couple days from now. Looking forward to this.

    1. Gavin: It’s really up to you! I won’t be doing much with the VPR challenge, but you can certainly still follow the guidelines for that one if you prefer them. You can always just count the books you’ve read for that challenge for this one!

  3. Lu, you’re such a bad influence! I’m swearing off challenges this year, but since I’m reading some poetry anyway I might join you. Will see what list I can come up with.

  4. I freakin’ love those buttons, not to mention the idea behind the challenge. I’m totally joining! Already reading Petrarch at the moment. Thanks for putting this together, Lu!

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