On resolutions and reading in 2010

I swore off making resolutions for quite a few years.  Mostly my life was controlled by everything around me and I didn’t need resolutions adding disappointment into the mix, so I just went along for the ride.  I don’t know if that’s necessarily the reason I would have given you then, but now that  I’m a few years removed from high school that seems right.  Now that I have a little bit more control in my life, it definitely is time for me to not only make resolutions, but make loosely defined plans that will help me make 2010 the best year yet.  I’m not really one for following strict plans or guidelines, in fact I seem to take a perverse pleasure in doing the exact opposite of what I plan most of the time, but I could use just a little structure to the year.  To that end I have a few personal plans and reading plans that I’d like to follow.

The goal of 2010 is to find balance.  So I bring you 10 goals for 2010, all focused on balancing my life.

1) Healthier equals happier.  This covers a lot of ground, but overall I think that I need to find a healthier lifestyle.  I need to eat-in more, instead of grabbing food to go on the road, and I need to exercise  more.   Finding a class to keep me motivated would not be a bad idea.  This isn’t necessarily about losing weight (though that would be a welcome side effect), but instead it is about being as healthy as possible.

2) Spending does not always equal happier.  Spending less money and saving more money will be a huge goal of 2010.  I want to take a big trip in the next five years, so I’d like to make that possible.

3) Stress-free equals happier.  I’m prone to stressing out about things that I don’t need to.  I’m going to work hard to find the little things that make each day special and cut back on the unnecessary stress.

4) Read more classics!  I firmly believe that reading the classics can only help you to understand contemporary literature even more.  I would like to read at least 15 classics published before 1970.

5) Use challenges as a way to focus reading, to read more books by women, by people of color, by authors from different countries.

6) Find more of a balance between the genres of fiction, non-fiction, recently published and older novels, YA and middle grade.

7) Read more poetry.  This will probably be a little easier considering the sorta secret surprise Jason and I are working on.

8 ) Read more short stories.

9) Find more time in my life for things like crocheting and cooking healthy meals.

10) Write more.  This is a big one.  One of my biggest dreams in my life is to become a published author.  I have been focusing heavily on poetry for the last four or five years and will continue to write poetry, but I would also like to write more fiction.  Over all, I don’t write nearly enough.  For this goal, I need more structure.  I would like to write 500 words of fiction and 1 poem per week.

I can get behind all of these goals and I’m really hopeful for 2010.  I love the new year just for that fresh feeling you get at the beginning of the year for all the great things this year will bring.   I hope all of you had a safe holiday and are as excited about 2010 as I am.

15 thoughts on “On resolutions and reading in 2010

  1. Dude, I have been introduced to Trader Joe’s so I will be returning to Freddy with healthy food galore of which you will be welcome to partake. I am also planning on using my pilates video in which you are welcome to partake AND NOT LAUGH AT ME.

    I like your resolutions, and I will be your helpful torturer in all rehab. I’ll be there like that ;p

  2. Good luck with all your goals! I’m hoping to get healthier this year too; I’ve already started looking at food guides and planning how I can organize my meals so I’ll get all the nutrients I need. And I’m looking forward to your sorta-secret thing with Jason; I have a book that could potentially be perfect, depending on how you guys organize it, and I really do want to get more into that sort of thing.

  3. I like the mixture of bookish and non bookish resolutions that you have here! I need to get cracking on just what my resolutions and goals for 2010 are!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year to you and thanks for your kind remarks on my most recent post. It really means a lot to hear from all of you out there.

    Also, I want to thank you for all comments left in 2009 – I would most likely blog anyway, but a blog without comments is not really the same, so I treasure each comment coming my way. THANKS!

    I wish you much luck with your resolutions and hope that you will be able to reach all your goals for 2010. They sound great!

  5. Those are great resolutions! I really wanted to start eating in more and just feeling more comfortable in the kitchen in 2009- that leads to a healthier lifestyle, too! I found that a really good way of doing this was to form a supper club with some friends, where we all got together once a month to cook around a theme ingredient. It makes it a lot of fun and also is a pretty cheap night “out” with your close friends.

    And I’m all about reading more classics, too! I REALLY hope to do more of this in 2010 and going forward, though probably not 15 for the year, as I’m reading along with a friend most of the time.

  6. These are great goals. I definitely relate to the need for less stress, and to be more healthy. I’m doing the GLBT challenge this year, and I think that challenges *are* a good way to focus your reading… so I might add one or two more to take me out of my comfort zone. Good idea! And best of luck with those resolutions.

  7. I really love that so many book bloggers are focusing on finding balance and reading deliberately this year. It’s so encouraging. I am constantly seeking balance in all aspects of my life, and so often I feel like that’s not a value shared by our culture as a whole. But right now I’m feeling so supported by my blogging buddies. Good luck to you on all these awesome goals!

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