Guest Review – Little Sister Book Reviews!

Today I have a very special guest, my little sister!  I asked her what she wanted her blog pseudonym to be and she said, “Bob”.  Then I told her it should be a girl’s name and so she said, “Bobita”.  Yeah, that’s my sister for ya!  So I realized recently that I have very few books to recommend in the middle grade genres, and since Bobita is 10 years old and reads a fair amount, I thought I’d ask her about some of the books she’s read over Thanksgiving break.  She’s caught the book reviewing bug and even gave me some advice on how I should ask questions.

Judy Moody Gets Famous! by Megan McDonald

Lu: What is Judy Moody Gets  Famous about?

Bobita: It’s about a girl named Judy Moody who wants to get famous because she’s jealous of her friend Jessica Flinch.  Jessica’s famous because she won a national spelling bee.  So Judy Moody tried a lot of things to get famous, but none of them really worked.  Her brother was reading the Guinness Book of World Records and one of them was the Human Centipede, so Judy Moody, two of her friends and her brother, Stink, tried to do the Human Centipede.  They tied their shoelaces together and they tried walking to one of her friend’s house.  While they were doing that Judy was in the front and Stink was in the back, but Judy Moody stepped on her friend’s foot and they all fell.  He broke his pinkie and had to go to the hospital.  While he was in the emergency room getting x-rays, Judy Moody and her brother went into the magical playroom and they met a little girl named Laura who just had a heart transplant and was in a wheelchair.  Everything in the playroom was all broken.  Judy finally came up with an idea to get famous and help people.

Me: Who was your favorite character?

Bobita: Judy.

Me: Why?

Bobita: Because she was clever for all the ideas for her to get famous.

Me: What was your favorite way that Judy tried to get famous?

Bobita: The Human Centipede.  It’s where a lot of people get together and they tie their shoelaces together so they’re really long and they walk around for a couple blocks to try to beat the record in the book.

Me: Did you like this book?

Bobita: You should ask me if I would recommend this book.

Me: [glaring] Okay.  Would you recommend this book?

Bobita: Yes, I would recommend this book.  Because it was a very clever book.  Judy tried a lot of interesting things to get famous.

Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus by Barbara Park

Me: What’s this book about?

Bobita: The book is about a girl named Junie B. Jones who is just starting Kindergarten and has to ride the stupid smelly bus.  She calls it the stupid smelly bus because she thinks it smells and it’s very loud and she doesn’t like it.  The first day of school she hid in the cabinet because she didn’t want to ride the stupid smelly bus.  When she thought everyone left, she came out and she looked in the cabinet and found some clay, and that is her most favorite thing in the world.  So she got it out and she played with it on the ground and after she made something, it was covered with dirt and hair.  She put it back in the little container and put it back in the cabinet.  And then she pretended she was the teacher and was bossing all the kids around.  There was this one boy named “That” Jim and she pretended  to send him to the principal’s office.  Then she got bored of being the teacher and went to the nurse’s office and pretended to be the nurse.   Then she spotted some crutches, which are also her most favorite thing in the world.  So she got the crutches and tried to use them, but they were too big, so she stood up on a chair to use them.  But the chair was on wheels and fell away and she bumped her knee on the desk.  So she pretended to call 911 and told them she hurt her knee.  She wanted to run in the hallway, which is also her most favorite thing to do, so she ran to the bathroom, but it was locked, so she ran to the nurse and actually called 911 and said she was about to have an accident.

Me: Would you recommend this book?

Bobita: Yes, because it’s very funny.

Me:  You don’t seem very sure of yourself.

Bobita: Well, I like Junie B. Jones, because it’s funny.

Me: Do you think you’re too old for Junie B. Jones?

Bobita: Yes, I do think I’m a little old for Junie B. Jones.

Me: So, Judy Moody is better for girls your age?

Bobita: Yes, because it is for girls ages 6-10 and I am 10.

Me: Anything else you want to say?

Bobita: Nope!

I edited Bobita’s descriptions just a little bit because she didn’t understand the concept of “Don’t give away the ending or anything too important.”  I had a lot of fun interviewing my little sister and will probably do it again in the future!  All my sisters like to read, so maybe I’ll get them all in on the  game!

Any MG books you’d like to see my sister review?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll see if our library has them!


12 thoughts on “Guest Review – Little Sister Book Reviews!

  1. Hi Bob!! I actually am not a fan of the Junie B Jones books and refuse to let my boys read them anymore. But that other book sounded interesting!

    1. Amanda- I read a couple of them when I was little, but Bobita really didn’t seem that impressed by it. But she felt bad saying so, she wanted to be nice! The ending of Judy Moody Gets Famous is really cute and heartwarming. Bobita tried to tell everyone what happened, but I saved you from spoilers 😉

  2. Nice work Bobita and Lu! Love the team reviewing. How many sisters do you have? I’m the oldest of 5. 🙂

    1. I’m the oldest of 4! (plus two older step-siblings) We’ve never all lived in the same house before, though. Ahhhh blended families! They’re all my half sisters. So for example, Bobita has only met K the Older and K the Younger once or twice. And the two Ks have a step-brother and step-sister I’ve never met. And Bobita has never met the step-sister and step-brother that the Ks and I share. It’s awfully confusing 🙂 But I’m just as close to each of them. We’re pretty fortunate that way!

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