12 Reasons Catching Fire lives up to the hype


In lieu of a traditional review, I present a list.  All spoilers are written in white, please scroll over them if you’d like to know.

  1. Katniss.  She’s still a wonderful narrator and I love her.  I love that, more often than not, Katniss is figuring things out along with the reader.
  2. Epic surprises.  I really didn’t see them coming.  Maybe I am a non-observant reader, especially when I get so excited about a book, but still!  They are epic!
  3. Peeta. Still as sweet.
  4. Gale. Still as wonderful.
  5. PEETA AND GALE. There is still no choice made!  Not really.  Sort of, a little bit, but Katniss’s dilemma is still not over!  And I’m glad, because if I can’t decide, HOW CAN KATNISS?
  6. Haymitch.  We learn more about his life and his own personal attempt at the Games.  I think the more Collins explores Haymitch in the third book the better; he’s turning out to be one of my favorite characters.
  7. The Games.  We know that Katniss has to witness another set of Games this year, possibly even mentoring the new tributes from District 12.  The Games this year are even more terrifying than the last, if that’s even possible.
  8. THE GAMES! Oh, my gosh.  This is what I so totally did NOT see coming.  They PUT KATNISS BACK IN THE GAMES?!  What a clever move, President Snow.
  9. The story. While it was not as skillfully done as in The Hunger Games, this is still a fast-paced story that will make you want to read until you pass out.  I could not put it down.  Well, until I literally dropped it because I was so tired I couldn’t hold it up any longer.
  10. The villains. They’re truly evil.  The things they do continue to make your skin crawl.  They are manipulators to the extreme, but they are also not clearly defined.  That makes them much more realistic and more difficult to defeat.
  11. The new tributes. They were a clever addition to this book, creating a larger group for Katniss to be a part of.  It also introduced a new dynamic that I loved.
  12. The ending. It will leave you just as excited for book 3 as you were for Catching Fire.

Didn’t I convince you?

9 thoughts on “12 Reasons Catching Fire lives up to the hype

  1. Well, sadly no, but you tried. I liked the first book, but I am the one person in America who gave it only four out of five stars. It was good….

    But I love how you hid the spoilers. How did you do that? Any chance you could write a tutorial post? I’d love to know how it’s done.

  2. I’m afraid I have to disagree with you. I loved Hunger Games, but was very disappointed by Catching Fire. I thought it just took the best bits from Hunger Games and repeated them in a less convincing way. The plot was slower and I felt that by the end it hadn’t moved on at all from the end of the first book. I was so disappointed as I had really been looking forward to reading it.

    Hopefully the third book will be a big improvement.

  3. I don’t think “fast-paced” is too accurate. The first half I found very slow and plodding, though of course it was necessary to understand Katniss and how she’s coping.

    The second part was a lot faster of course and more active. I don’t agree with the above poster that feels that the plot hasn’t moved; I suppose it depends on which plot lines you are most interested in following.

    I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for book 3 when it finally gets published.

  4. Wow, I thought I’d be in the minority here with some of my disappointments, but I also only gave it 4/5. (Actually, 4.5 out of 5, but if we go by Goodreads, well then. *grins*) I agree with most of your points, and even though I had my guesses as to what would happen, reading about them was still enjoyable. I liked the list a lot!

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