10.5 Reasons Why You Should Read Let the Right One In

LTROI_bookUnfortunately, I had to return this library book before I could review it because it was accruing some heavy fines and someone else had requested it.  And as someone who is on several request lists that are miles long, I felt for them, and wanted to get it to them as soon as possible. But, this is your lucky day, because I’m going to do a list of 10.5 Reasons Why You Should Read Let the Right One In

1. It will give you nightmares. Yes, it will.  I am not much of a horror reader because I am easily scared.   This one, as the cover says, is “absolutely chilling” and I refused to read it when I was home alone or in the dark.

2. It’s gritty.   Lindqvist’s language perfectly reflects the nature of his story.

3. Vampires! These vampires don’t sparkle.

4. Surprises! Things never get boring in this novel, Lindqvist keeps it perfectly paced.

5.  It’s set in Sweden. I think that’s cool.  I’ve never read a book set in Sweden before.

6. More than vampires. This novel is about a lot more than vampires.  It’s about bullying, overcoming the evil in your life, sacrifice, the consequences of wasting your life, gender, love, and hate.  So much is packed into this story, under the pretense of being “just” a horror/vampire novel.

7. Virginia.  My favorite character, her storyline was the best, even though it only took up a small part of the book.

8. ZOMBIES. Sort of, but just as awesome.

9. Keeps it real and shakes it up. So, there’s lots of stuff in here that is “traditional” vampire lore, but then Lindqvist shakes it up and still manages to make it original.

10. Character-driven. A lot of this novel is action, but it still has a large cast of characters and we get to know almost every one of them.

.5: There’s a movie adaptation that has gotten lots of fancy awards that I’m really excited to watch.  But you know, it’s got to be daylight outside first.


17 thoughts on “10.5 Reasons Why You Should Read Let the Right One In

    1. I really want to watch the movie, but I don’t know if I can watch it alone! I might have to wait for my roommates to get back in town 🙂

  1. I am also saving this read for Fall, but I own it and I’m really looking forward to it. And library fines are precisely why I don’t use the library, though buying countless books doesn’t really save me money. 😉

    1. My library has a pretty awesome policy, so I don’t worry about it too much. Also, I could never, ever afford all the books I read! I am a poor graduate student 🙂 Sometimes I raid the used book store, but that’s as far as I get without a coupon or a gift certificate!

  2. “Vampires! These vampires don’t sparkle.”



    Even better!

    Well, you’ve sold me. I’m adding this one to my TBR list.

    1. It’s totally worth it 😉
      But then again, I imagine all books are. UM, ALSO – why haven’t you read Graceling yet? Or if you have, where is your review?!

  3. I had mixed feelings about the, in my mind, massively overrated movie, but there’s some cool stuff in there and the teen actors are really good (esp. the girl on the poster). I’d been interested in the book for a while, but you really sold me on it with this review. Thanks!

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