Monday News Flash


With my 2666: The Part about Fate post still in the works, I thought I’d send you some bookish news your way:

Regular Rumination’s book news

  • My mom is reading!  Woo, go Mom!  She’s reading The Time Traveler’s Wife on my recommendation.  She’s never been a casual reader, but she’s been raiding the books I’ve left at home lately and asking me for recommendations.  It makes me super excited.
  • At my job, I make lots of spreadsheets.  I have learned how to make my spreadsheets beautiful so I enjoy making them a little bit more.  So I took my spreadsheet where I keep track of all my reading (which I borrowed from someone, but I can’t remember who!  Anyone out there know who has a spreadsheet for download that keeps track of reading progress and goals?  I kept all their math and want to give credit where credit is due.)  Anyway, I couldn’t sleep last night, so I now have a beautiful reading graph spreadsheet with drop down menus!  And colors!

Real book news:

  • Ray Bradbury is excited about the new graphic novel being made about Farenheit 451, almost as excited as I am!  He also hopes for a movie release.
  • Joe Pernice, a musician turned novelist, is releasing a soundtrack to go with his book!  I think this is really cool.  Why hasn’t it been done before?  Has it?  Show me.
  • Stephanie Meyer is being accused of plagiarism.  I’m shocked.  Really.
  • Stephanie Meyer as… comic book character?  Weird.

Button photography credit.

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