Shout out!

My housemate, formally known as Weremonkey (it’s a long story, we will explain it one day), has started a book blog!


She’d love it if you went on over there and said hi!


4 thoughts on “Shout out!

  1. Thankszzzzzz Werebumblebee! I have decided that one day during next semester I will kidnap you, and we will go see the TAPS headquarters. AND MEET STEVE AND TANGO.

    Next semester is going to be sweeeeet. (don’t forget the AWSHPPs!)

  2. I have a friend who told me she has a neglected blog and I’m encouraging her to make it book-focused. I can’t wait! I’m off to visit your friend now.

  3. I love how it’s called “A Blog. Period.” don’t you love it when you’re able to pull people over to the darkside of blogging? Muhahahahah! 🙂

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