Review – An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

KatherinesYou can love someone so much, he thought.  But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.”  (An Abundance of Katherines)

John Green’s novel An Abundance of Katherines is a smart, charming novel that includes lots of my favorite things: laugh out loud (also known as lolz) humor, footnotes!, totally believable characters and a witty tone.  Colin is a child prodigy who just hasn’t quite crossed over into genius yet, and he’s a little obsessed with that fact.  But he’s also obsessed with the fact that he is always a dumpee, aka the one being dumped.  And he’s always being dumped by another girl named Katherine.  So, seeing this trend, he decides that there has to be a way to figure that out mathematically.  All the while he’s on a road trip with his friend Hassan, where he meets Lindsey Lee Wells and the cast of characters who inhabit the small town they stumbled upon.   He begins working for Lindsey’s mom, collecting the oral history of the town, and the summer becomes something that none of them expected.

So what is this book about?  It’s about adolescence and being a boy and just figuring out how on earth you’re going to make it from here.  I really loved this book.  I picked it up one night and finished it that same night, unable to put it away.  I’ve been thinking a lot about just why I loved this book so much, and I think it’s because you can find yourself in any one of these characters.  We all have our moments when we are a Colin, or a Hassan or a Lindsey, even moments when we are like Lindsey’s dumb boyfriend.  We can’t help it – it’s who we are as humans.  This book captured something in under 230 pages that most book spend countless pages trying to create.  Okay, maybe that’s putting this book on a pedestal, but I can’t help it.   Maybe, and I admit it!, I’m reading way too much into this little guy.  It’s funny, sure, but it also has this huge heart and lots to offer.  I wish I had the book (I seem to have misplaced it!) so I could point out passages, but since I don’t, you’re just going to have to take my word for it – this is a surprisingly powerful little book that I think a lot of kids (and adults) should read and love.

90% – what I said up there!

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12 thoughts on “Review – An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

  1. AH! Fat sandwich man! I think I will definitely have to put this on hold at the library. yeszzzz.

  2. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! I did too, and it makes it sad than it doesn’t get enough love. A lot of people find it disappointing in comparison to his others, but I really don’t agree.

  3. I’ve read all his books and I agree, this is my favorite. The others are maybe deeper, but this one has such a great summery, freewheeling feeling that so perfectly captures the essence of being between high school and college. I didn’t find his other books compelling as pleasure reading (other than that I like him as an author) but this one was a joy. Check out the audiobook, Jeff Woodman does a great job on the narration!

    1. Scatterbolt,

      I think that’s what I liked about it, too. It was not as deep, I guess, but it was just so fun. It was pure joy to read and that’s just as important as having a message, I think.

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